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  • Foreign experience. Review of new developments

  • Experience of innovative development abroad

      Today in Russia, unfortunately, the science is one of professions, is far not so popular, as the lawyer, the financier or the programmer. At the same time competitiveness of modern economy depends both on separate scientific and technological achievements, and on technologies of management of an innovation in the various countries. The review of experiences of innovative development is presented in this article abroad in such countries, as the USA, China, Finland and South Korea. Innovative development of these countries conducting economically will be rather interesting to CIS countries where need of such development is an essential task.

    Keywords: science, innovative system, innovative development, hi-tech production

  • A systematic approach to the development of automated systems for urban environmental monitoring

      The article analyzes the structure of automated environmental monitoring in Russia and proposed the concept of setting up such a system in the city with advanced industrial and transport infrastructure.

    Keywords: Automated systems for environmental monitoring

  • The structure of data processing unit of multi-sensor system for concentration monitoring of heavy metal ions in aqueous media

    Common conceptions are given about multi-sensor systems. The structure of the data processing unit of multi-sensor system for concentration monitoring of heavy metals ions in aqueous media is described. Main stages of the data processing, – clustering and quantitative identification are introduced. The approach which presupposes use of artificial neural networks, – Kohonen networks and radial basis function networks, is designed. Such algorithmic architecture is implemented which allows to avoid significant computing resources expenses. The program for computer IBM PC in high-level language of application package MATLAB is written.

    Keywords: Multi-sensor systems, artificial neural networks, Kohonen networks, radial basis function networks, data processing, pattern recognition, environmental monitoring, heavy metals, ion-selective electrodes

  • System analysis and control risks to human health on the basis of an automated monitoring system

    The question of system analysis and risk management for public health is important and requires a thorough study. As part of its study on chosen method has been implemented an algorithm for estimating the risk of isolated effects of air pollutants on human health, then conducted a systematic analysis of the results, and management solution put forward to improve the safety and health of Taganrog. Based on the data of automated monitoring system has been established that the risk of adverse effects in humans with daily admission of matter in life is insignificant, and this influence is characterized as acceptable.

    Keywords: Estimation analysis and control of risk, health and safety of the population, atmosphere pollution, dangerous chemical substances

  • The investigation of properties of gas sensitive materials based on SiO2SnOxCuOy thin films used in gas sensors for multisensory air monitoring system

    The establishment of automated air monitoring systems is a promising way of the air monitoring devices development. The comparative analysis of literature has shown that thin films based on semiconductor metal oxides are effective and widely used material for air monitoring systems creation. In order to create effective and more sensitive sensors it is important to research processes that occur on the surface of the gas sensitive material when it contacts with different substances. The processes that proceed on the surface of gas sensitive material based on SiO2SnOxCuOy during the interaction with molecules of nitrogen dioxide. Quantum chemical calculations have shown that there are three possible mechanisms of interaction between the molecules of nitrogen dioxide with a surface of gas sensitive material.

    Keywords: multitouch system of the monitoring, gas-sensitive material, molecules of dioxide of nitrogen

  • The development of gas recognition technique using multysensor system for air monitoring

      The problem of air quality control is relevant at the present time. There are a lot of different devices and methods of air monitoring. The promising devices for air monitoring are automated air monitoring systems functioning in real time regime. The basic part of such system is a chemical gas sensor. Gas sensors can be combined into the arrays or so called multisensory systems to increase their effectiveness. Sensor arrays using semiconductor sensors based on SiO2CuOx, SiO2SnOxCuOy, SnOxZrOy, silver-polyacrylonitrile thin films made at department of chemistry and ecology have been investigated in this work. As a result of sensors signals processing gas recognition technique has been developed. The recognition of ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine has been made.

    Keywords: monitoring, massifs of sensors, semiconductor sensors of gases

  • Development of Gas Sensitive Element Based on Copper Oxides Films for Ammonia Detection

      This paper is devoted to development of gas sensors air control. It is shown that copper oxides are the promising materials for high sensitive sensors. The CuOx film material was syntheses by means of citrate sol-gel technique. The sensors fabricated on the basis of CuOx film material were sensitive to ammonia gas in the range of 25-150 ppm. Working temperature was determined as 180 °C. Such sensors can be used for work area air control of industrial enterprises.

    Keywords: gas-sensitive element, atmospheric air, sensors, copper oxides

  • Study of SiO2SnOxCuOy Sensor Response Stability to Carbon Oxide (II)

      Stability of sensors on the basis of inorganic oxide materials is one of the primary goals by working out of atmospheric air control devices. In this work long-term stability of a sensor response on the basis of the SiO2SnOxCuOy material to carbon oxide (II) exposure in a range of concentration 1-100 ppm is studied. It is shown that the sensor response differs high stability and reproducibility. Continuous heating within 21 days to working temperature (350°С) influence its value negligibly.

    Keywords: stability of a response, sensor, carbon oxide, material of structure of SiO2SnOxCuOy.

  • Investigation properties of composite material for high sensitivity nitrogen dioxide sensors

      We have investigated electrical and gas sensitive properties of gas sensor based on carbon nanotubes (CNT) and carbon nanotubes modified by metal oxides (such as tin oxide and silicon oxide).  Also we  have find out that modification of  CNT by  metal oxides helps to  improve film`s adhesion to substrate, decrease electrical resistance, recovery time, working temperature , enhance gas sensitivity in comparison with sensitive elements based  only on CNT or metal oxides. Moreover experimental results showed that properties of composite material depend on concentration correlation of solutions. As a result we can get highest sensitivity of sensor element by choosing optimal relation between concentrations of solutions.

    Keywords: Сarbon nanotubes, modification, tin oxide, silicon oxide, gas sensor

  • Ensuring functioning of city system of environmental monitoring of data on the address with production wastes and consumption in Taganrog

      In city system of environmental monitoring works on collecting data on production wastes and consumption of the enterprises of Taganrog are performed. The system includes three sections: quantity and types of a waste; data on places of long storage of a waste; data on the enterprises and technologies of processing of a waste. The scheme of management, maintaining and processing of base of ecological data is provided. Types of the analysis of collected data are considered. 

    Keywords: Production wastes and consumption, monitoring of a waste, municipal control system of a waste, scheme of management of a database

  • Application of neural networks to build prediction model of urban air pollution

      Neural network model of distribution of pollutant in the atmosphere of the city of Taganrog has been developed on the basis of monitoring data, meteorological information and calculation made by software «Ecolog-gorod». The results of the work of model have been visualized in software ArcGis. Distribution maps of nitrogen dioxide has been built under the conditions of eight directions of wind, two wind speeds and two temperature ranges.

    Keywords: Neural network, prediction model, urban air pollution

  • Simulation of self-assembly process of electrically conductive polymer materials for hybrid sensor systems

    In the present workwas carried outmodeling of self-assembly of conductive polymer materials for hybridsensor systems for example polyacrylonitrile with silver metallic inclusions. Implementation of modeling was performed by the Wang-Landau and entropic Monte Carlo simulation based on a model with a fixed valence angle. For modeling polymerization process using an algorithm based on the principles of irreversible aggregation of Eden.Methods of quantum chemistry has been investigated and the possibility of obtaining the silver property PAN, as there doxpolymer.

    Keywords: Hybrid sensor systems polyconjugated functional conductive polymers, metal-organic polymer composites, the energy of the Hartree-Focksemi conductor gas sensitive materials, mathematical modeling, Monte Carlo, quantum-chemical calculations

  • Sensitivity analysis of ZnO thin film deposited by rf reactive magnetron sputtering

      Results of researches of gas sensitive properties of zinc oxide films grown by reactive rf magnetron sputtering was shown. Process parameters, affected on the gas-sensitive ratio, response time, recovery time and the type of electrical conductivity of obtained films were identified. Optimal modes of magnetron sputtering of zinc oxide for implementing gas sensors (RF sputtering Zn target in a gas mixture of oxygen and argon at a concentration of 80% oxygen, a chamber pressure of 0.8 Pa and the magnetron power 100 W) were established. Avarage response time on NO2 gas was 5-15 sec.  The obtained values ​​of the gas-sensitivity were in the range 30-67% for NO2 concentrations from 20 to 100 ppm, CO and CO2 from 50 to 100 ppm and 81-97% for higher gas concentrations from 500 to 1000 ppm.  

    Keywords: Nanotechnology, magnetron sputtering, zinc oxide, thin films, gas sensitivity

  • Development of technology of fabricating unheated gas sensors based on polyacrylonitrile for hybrid sensor systems

      Technology of fabricating unheated gas sensors based on polyacrylonitrile (PAN) using different temperature and time modes of a two stages IR-pyrolyze is developed for the remote control of the human condition. Gas-sensing elements based on PAN films and cobalt- and copper-containing PAN films are fabricated. Gas sensitive characteristics of the gained samples to CO, Cl2 and CHCl3 in atmospheric conditions are determined. We have found that gas-sensitivity of the samples depends on the composition of the original film-forming solution and on the process parameters of fabricating the film material. Moreover the samples show sensitivity and selectivity at room temperature. The benefits of this study is that films based on PAN and metal-PAN are the most promising material for electronic engineering including gas sensors for the remote monitoring of the human condition.

    Keywords: Nanocomposite materials, gas-sensing layer, metal-containing organic polymers, IR- pyrolyze

  • Development of sensors based on ferroelectric films for hybrid sensor systems

      In this work researches of structural and electrophysical properties of ferroelectric films of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) which afterwards is planned to apply in hybrid sensor systems are done. Values of capacities of the received samples are in the range from 200 to 1100 pF, the range of thickness of the received films is 300-1000 nanometers. X-ray analysis showed direct dependence of the quantitative maintenance of crystalline PZT in film structure from partial pressure of oxygen in the camera. By results of research the range of polarization of samples are in the range 0,06 – 2,2 µC/cm2, and values of calculated piezoelectric modules are in the range 0,04*10-12 – 13,3*10-12 C/N.

    Keywords: sensors, segnetoelektric films, touch systems, piezoelectric modules.

  • Integrated gyroscope-accelerometers lr-type on the basis of carbon nanotube

      The integrated sensor LR-type on the basis of carbon nanotube is described. Are offered a method of processing of the sensor signals. Results of modelling are represented.

    Keywords: Еlement base, microelectromechanical system, design, sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer.

  • Microfluidics structure fabrication using focused ion beams for hybrid systems

      The experimental studies of technological modes of formation of the elements for hybrid microfluidic sensor systems using focused ion beams by nanotechnology complex UHV NANOFAB are performed. The parameters of the focused ion beam to enable the development of microfluidics components are determined. Methods of forming of microfluidics structures on silicon substrate are studied. Parameters of generated elements were studied by scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. Formed and studied filtration membranes containing holes from 105 to 150 nm in diameter. The results can be used in the formation of nanoscale structures and the development of manufacturing processes microfluidics components for hybrid systems and lab-on-chip.

    Keywords: Nanotechnology, focused ion beams, microfluidics, hybrid systems, sensor, lab-on-chip

  • A method of numerical modeling of spectrometric systems of gas sensors

      A principle of spectrometric systems of gas sensors was described. A model and a method of numerical modeling of spectrometric gas sensor with the combined radiator-receiver of infrared radiation on the basis of the punched semiconductor thermoresistor were proposed.

    Keywords: spectrometric gas sensor, model, method of modeling

  • Investigation of the modes formation of the hybrid carbon nanostructures based on nanotubes for creation nanostructured materials

      The experimental studies of technological modes of formation of hybrid carbon nanostructures based on the nanotubes by multifunctional ultrahigh vacuum nanotechnological complex NANOFAB NTK-9 are performed. The parameters of the impact on hybrid nanostructures formation were found, established and studied experimental samples modified and Y-shaped hybrid carbon nanostructures . The results can be used as elements of nanoelectronics and nanosystem technology, composite fillings compounds and hydrogen storage.

    Keywords: Nanotechnology, carbon nanotubes, hybrid carbon nanostructures, nanostructured materials

  • Development of technology of receiving high-sensitivity gas sensors on the basis of zirconium oxide for hybrid sensor systems

      In this work the technology of receiving high-sensitivity gas sensors on the basis of zirconium oxide is developed for hybrid sensor systems. Laboratory samples of sensors of gas on the basis of zirconium oxide are made with use sol-gel method. Gas-sensitive characteristics of samples of sensors in relation to nitrogen dioxide are defined: limit of detection and factor of gas sensitivity. The received gas sensors will help to determine approach of an attack of bronchial asthma some hours prior to its beginning by level of an oxide of nitrogen in exhaled air of the person.

    Keywords: hybrid sensor systems, zirconium oxide, bronchial asthma, nitrogen dioxide

  • Study the effect of different gases and volatile liquids on the mechanical properties of the films mycelium

      The algorithm of the research, including the technology of making the mycelium film on the resonator of bulk acoustic wave and gas medium with the given concentration was developed. As a result of the investigations the sorption sensitivity of extracts of the higher shiitake mushroom mycelium to the fume of volatile liquids and gases (acetone, ethyl acetate, formaldehyde, chloroform, acetic acid and hydrochloric acid, hexane, 10% aqueous ammonia) was studied. The study has shown that there are the processes of making the mycelium films, which keep the initial values of the resonant frequency and the quality factor of the resonator after moving off the fumes or gases. This work has shown that the mycelia films are very promising as a new material for gas selective coatings of electro acoustic sensors.

    Keywords: mycelia films, flying liquids, gases, gas electro-acoustic sensors

  • Quantum-chemical analysis of various ways of the organization of polymers based on 3-alkyl pyrroles for gas sensors

      Polypyrrole is a perspective material for gas sensors. Property of polymeric chains can vary largely depending on their packing. Power characteristics are studied. Features of a structure and power tetramers thiophenes with methyl, ethyl, propyl substitutions in position 3 pyrroles a cycle are investigated. The most perspective and stable tetramers are revealed from the thermodynamic point. The estimation of laws of formation of a polymeric chain is spent.  Influence of the assistant on stability tetramers is considered.

    Keywords: Polypyrrole, quantum-chemical research, influence of alkyl substituents, tetramer, cycle, polymeric chain, power tetramers

  • Multidiagnostics system for patients with postural deficits and algorithm for recognizing stabilographic signals

      Work is connected with the synthesis of information behavior of groups of autonomous intelligent agents of biomedical research, and machine learning methods to ensure the reliability of the forecast increase in their behavior using multi-agent systems based on the use of bionic principles, methods and models of swarm intelligence. Developed multi-agent system simulates the behavior of groups of autonomous intelligent agents developed methods to meet the proposed criteria of reliability, differing form the structure of the system and developed a set of specialized agents that provides the capability to model a group of biomedical robotics using autonomous intelligent agents. Classifier of stabilographic signals on the basis of Parzen method was developed. These data indicate that the auxiliary symptoms resulting from multidimensional scaling much more informative initial attributes.

    Keywords: Intelligent agent, multidiagnostics, Parzen classifier