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  • Design of information system of Parking lot operation optimization

    The article analyzes and simulates the business processes of Parking within the framework of the structural approach. The charts of IDEF0, DFD and ERD models created using AllFusion Process Modeler and ERWin Data Modeler software products are presented

    Keywords: Parking lot, process, modeling, analysis, business processes, CASE tools, IDEF0, DFD, ERD, software product, business process, chart

  • Comfortable urban environment and its impact on the socio-economic development of the region

    Comfortable urban environment currently determines the economic development of the region as a whole, affects the socio-political situation, the rate of migration and investment. The analysis showed that the majority of municipalities have an imbalance in the factor space, which negatively affects the development of non-productive sectors of the economy and the main sectors of the economy. Open dialogue of the population with the city authorities allows to form the most effective methods on the way of creation of favorable regional climate, to make it competitive and to develop priority business directions.

    Keywords: comfortable urban environment, competitiveness, population welfare, economic development, factor space

  • Methodological basis of formalization of the principal-agent model in organizational systems based on negotiation

    The article considers the possibility of constructing a formal negotiating model of the principal-agent, used to predict the behavior of subjects in the case of intra-firm management. To build such a model, we consider a number of necessary conditions and principles for the relationship between the principal and the agent, such as the common goal and various interests, the project is the interaction subject, the agents are active and form the maximum coalition, interaction and cooperation of principal and agents are based on democratic management style and collegial decision-making under uncertainty.

    Keywords: organizational system, principal agent, negotiations, behavior modeling, OS goal, coordination of actions, resource theory, firm theory, incentive problem, contract theory, project life cycle, decision making uncertainty, maximum coalition of agents

  • Mathematical modeling of the distributed ledger in the sphere of real estate lease as a network of mass service

    This article presents a mathematical model of the distributed registry as a Queuing network. The main components of this network, as well as their formal representation are considered. The model of the peer-to-peer network is visualized, the vector of the network state is defined, and the restrictions of the state space are defined. After that, the laws of distribution of individual flows and service time were presented. In addition, the design elements of the infinitesimal matrix were determined. Based on the data obtained, a simulation model of this process was produced. For simulation, the Anylogic package was used. The results of simulation were analyzed and the most optimal parameters were selected.

    Keywords: Queuing network, information security, distributed registries, computer science and engineering, mathematical modeling information system, corda

  • The solution of the covering problem on the basis of the integration of models of evolution and schooling behavior of animals in affine search spaces

    The paper proposes the composite architecture of a multi-agent bionic search system based on swarm intelligence and genetic evolution for solving the problem of covering sets. The modified paradigm of the particle swarm is described, which provides, unlike the canonical method, the possibility of using positions with integer parameter values in the affine space. Mechanisms for moving particles in affine space to reduce the weight of affine bonds are considered. The developed position structures (chromosomes) are focused on the integration of swarm intelligence and genetic evolution. The time complexity of the algorithm, obtained experimentally, coincides with the theoretical studies and for the test problems considered is О(n2)- О(n3).

    Keywords: covering with sets, a swarm of particles, genetic evolution, affine space, integer parameters, integration

  • Control of limited undefined from state and control of nonlinear objects

    Was proposed method for structurally-parametric synthesis of control laws for n-order nonlinear objects with functional uncertainty on state and control. Moreover, control objects may have an unstable state of equilibrium, and their output matrix may contain right eigenvalues.The algorithm of structural synthesis of the proposed method is based on setting the law of derivative change n-th of state`s variable of synthesized automatic control system, applying of operator-parametric feedback on the calculated inversed undefined gain coefficient value of control object and usage an observer of state`s variables and of a compensating coupling on the deviation of the state`s vector of the synthesized and etalon system.

    Keywords: plant, uncertainty, nonlinearity, law control, synthesis

  • Ranking of management decisions in the system of regional risk management

    The study aims to develop objective methods for ranking management decisions on risk management in the socio-economic system of the region. Insufficient development and adaptation of the existing methodological framework for risk management to the tasks of analyzing the directions of development of socio-economic systems and insufficient use of accessible tools for management decisions generates situations of imbalance in the involvement of natural labor and material resources in the region's reproductive process, violations of harmony, systemic unity, principles of maximizing effect and replenishment factors of production, which entails a threat of failure to meet the target strengthening conditions and the synergy of risks. The study examined sources and risk factors of regional development, types and stages of risk management, expert evaluation of management alternatives for economic, environmental and social risks, explored the possibility of adapting the verbal analysis methodology for ranking management decisions. As a result of the work, a method of formalized analysis of supporting situations is proposed, which, in the context of regional risk management, can provide objective estimates of the preferences of management alternatives.

    Keywords: ranking procedure, management decision-making, socio-economic system, risk management, region

  • Causal analysis of the reliability of cargo delivery by rail to the consumers of the Southern region and the ports of the Azovo-Black Sea basin

    The issues of violations of the terms of delivery of goods on the railway network are considered. The main reasons for the violation of the delivery time are systematized on the example of the North Caucasian Railway. The North Caucasian Railway serves the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin and the consignees of the Southern region. Over the past 10 years, the volume of loading of export cargoes to the ports of the Southern region has increased by more than 47%. Despite the relatively high reliability of cargo delivery, a negative trend in the increase in financial risks of the company RZD was noted. An analysis of the claim work was carried out, in connection with the violation of the delivery deadlines. The issues of speed and delivery of cargo and empty shipments at the North Caucasian Railway are considered. The main reasons for the arrival of goods with broken delivery dates were: the receipt of wagons with broken delivery dates at the joints of the road; Excessive availability of wagons to ports and port oil depots; an increase in the number of passenger trains in the summer. Mechanisms for managing the delivery time in rail transport on the basis of logistics and information technologies have been developed. Expansion of the zone of logistics management of railways traffic to ports based on the use of information systems that allow monitoring of operational work, identify problems of the road network, will reduce the load on the infrastructure of the port roads, fulfill all budgetary targets, and obtain additional profit.

    Keywords: Analysis, delivery time, reliability of delivery, railway transport, seaport, financial risk, transport services, competitiveness

  • System analysis of reliability and prospects for its enhancement for consumer power supply systems

    The analysis of reliability of systems of an electricity transmission during which the main causes of the power outage in the consumer were identified. With the help of computer simulation, the results of operation of autonomous inverters are obtained with different number of voltage levels. The prospects of using the devices for balancing the incomplete-phase regimes on the basis of multilevel voltage inverters, which improve the reliability of power supply to consumers, are considered.

    Keywords: analysis, stream of the failure, electricity, the balancing device, emergency operation, recovery time, failure, reliability, multilevel inverter, power line, user

  • Complex approach towards the calculation of technological parameters influence onto Na-CMC rheological properties for drilling agents

    The possibility of getting natrium-carboxymethylcellulose with given viscosity from different raw materials for oil industry is shown in the paper. The regression model, connecting rheological characteristics viscosity with parameters of the technological process is proposed. The program for IDE Microsoft Visual Studio medium which may be used for calculating Na-CMC synthesis parameters, providing the given in the frames of the technological process viscosity value, is developed.

    Keywords: natrium-carboxymethylcellulose, rheology, viscosity, etherification, alkalinity


    The article proposes a technique for constructing a model for optimizing the taxation of profits for its implementation in the practice of organizations - large taxpayers in both the Rostov region and the Russian Federation as a whole. Methods for calculating the coefficients for assessing the efficiency of the mechanism for optimizing the taxation of profits of organizations - large taxpayers - are proposed.

    Keywords: financial stability, tax burden, tax benefit, optimization, taxation, taxpayer, profit

  • Software implementation of a single-layer neural network for the recognition of digital symbols.

    Existing methods for character recognition are considered, and the advantages and disadvantages of using neural networks for character recognition are revealed. The review of methods for character recognition is given. The advantages and disadvantages of algorithms for text recognition are also defined. The algorithm of the simplest single-layer neural network for recognition of calligraphic and printed figures is realized. In the work, the learning ability of this single-layer neural network was analyzed.

    Keywords: Character recognition, single-layer, neural network, algorithms, perceptron

  • Interactive analysis of the distribution of labor resources

    The authors propose the implementation of a mathematical model in the form of an information module. The mathematical model is a problem of nonlinear programming, the solution of which allows to optimally distribute the labor resources on the basis of statistical data and economic indicators. The process of solving the optimization problem is automated with the help of the developed web service of interactive analysis and forecasting of the distribution of labor resources of the enterprise, industry, region and the country as a whole. The information module is a web service that allows you to analyze the distribution of labor resources online and offline. The example of the analysis of labor resources of Stavropol region is given.

    Keywords: labor resources, analysis, forecasting, information module

  • Adaptive models of overcoming the risks of the life world of a young family

    The process of overcoming the risks of destruction of the life world by young spouses is studied. Methods of cognitive modeling are used. The theory of adaptive control is chosen as the basic paradigm. This allowed the study to build on the existing theoretical basis of structural analysis of adaptive systems with models in the adaptation circuit.To use the practical experience of cognitive modeling of systems with the inclusion of a person in the adaptation circuit, for example, training models based on a double feedback loop. It is proposed to use the technology of solving problems, based on the experience of past situations, namely, the technology of output based on precedents (Case-Based Reasoning, or CBR). A generalized adaptive model of reducing the risks of destruction of the life world of a young family on the basis of a double CBR – cycle is developed. The model describes the process of self-development of young spouses through continuous training in complex problem situations

    Keywords: young family, life world, risk, cognitive modeling, model, precedent, adaptation

  • Effective organization of service requests using the example of a unified user support service for JSCo "RZD"

    Describes the process of processing applications single user support services (UPCS), jsco «RZD», presented the objectives of the project. Are the standard time for work performed in the UPS. A model for evaluating the timeliness of processing applications, UPS created users software package. Assess the appropriateness and timeliness of information from UPCS users. The smallest probability of timely information UPS during the day will be observed from 8.00-9.00 am on Monday and from 17.00-19.00 p.m. on Friday. The optimal number of service channels for the stated criteria for timeliness of processing applications is 7

    Keywords: information technology, UPS, ITSM, treatment, timeliness, processing, registration, circulation model UPS, channel services, ITC

  • Higher Education Institution as an Active Control System

    Higher Education Institutions as Active Systems are analyzed. Their elements, subsystems, functions, and environment are presenred. Examples from national and international practice are given. The main problems concerning the active agents in higher education are identified.

    Keywords: active systems, management, higher education establishments

  • Approaches to real estate market modeling

    The real estate market model based on dependence of the price on appeal of housing is offered. The results of assessment of adequacy to the offered model received during the research of 22 real estate objects of the city of Perm during the period from 2016 to 2017 are given. The structure of the tree of criteria forming a complex indicator "appeal of housing" is offered. Restrictions of use of the offered model are revealed and also the fields of her admissible use are described.

    Keywords: market model, real estate object, complex estimation, tree of criteria, appeal of housing

  • Calculation of savings in operating costs by increasing the weight of trains on the railway section

    Abstract: the results of the analysis of existing and projected volumes of export cargo transportation in the freight-stressed areas of the Russian railway network to the ports of Azov-the black sea basin are Presented. It is established that the growth of traffic ahead of the development of the transport capacity of the studied railway directions. In this regard, foreign and Russian experience in the development of growing volumes of cargo transportation in terms of infrastructure constraints due to the organization of heavy train traffic has been studied. The measures of development of heavy traffic of trains are offered. The method of calculation of efficiency of the organization of heavy traffic on one of sites of the North Caucasian railroad is given.

    Keywords: Key words: export transportation, perspective volumes, infrastructure restrictions, ways of elimination, efficiency of heavy traffic

  • Assessment of level of horizontal communications of system components of life cycle of a product

    In article the connected hierarchical indicators of horizontal structural integration which define her global and private purposes that allows to solve problems of optimization of decisions at design of systems, planning and to operational management of system taking into account various external influences are formulated.

    Keywords: life cycle, life cycle of a product, model of life cycle, innovative activity, system engineering, entropy, law Eshbi, Shannon's formula, Hartley's formula

  • Solution of the problem of forming a distribution system under conditions of uncertainty

    The distribution center is one of the main elements of the distribution system, which forms the structure of the movement of resources. It is responsible for ensuring the efficient allocation of the flow of resources. The effective location of the distribution center allows you to reduce the cost of allocating resources to 30%. The method of solving the problem of effectively securing demand zones for a particular distribution center is proposed in this article. The uncertainty of the initial parameters is taken into account when solving this problem. The result of solving the problem of determining the effective location of distribution centers is a set of fuzzy intervals. These intervals determine the coordinates of the location depending on the parameters of the task, namely, the demand of consumers, the capacity of distribution centers, the distance between the resource consumers and the center. The location of the distribution center will be determined not by a specific numerical value, but by a fuzzy interval that will determine the region of the best location. A software application is developed that allows you to specify parameters in a fuzzy interval form, on the basis of which the results of solving the problem are formed. The cost of delivering resources to consumers changes significantly with the change in the number and location of distribution centers, so the issue of rational distribution and the number of centers is important. This task becomes especially relevant when a new distribution system is being designed, or the existing system is being modernized.

    Keywords: distribution centers, the demand, the uncertainty of the initial parameters of the fuzzy intervals, potential interactions, grouping

  • Mathematical modeling of the stress-strain state of an elastic mass near a spherical cavity taking into account the technological heterogeneity of its mechanical properties

    It is considered a centrally symmetric stress-strain state of the rock mass near the underground spherical cavity taking into account the technological heterogeneity of the rocks of the near-edge region. The mathematical model was developed and analytical solutions were found for this problem. The technological heterogeneity of the elastic properties of the rock mass material was modeled by a radially inhomogeneous coefficient of elasticity at a constant Poisson's ratio. The variable coefficient of elasticity for heterogeneous rocks was approximated by a generalized polynomial with undetermined coefficients. On the basis of experimental data, a numerical calculation of the stress-strain state components for the problem was carried out, and characteristic effects were detected.

    Keywords: stress-strain state, rock mass with technological heterogeneity, underground spherical cavity, mathematical model

  • Data analysis based on private cloud technology

    The article is devoted to the use of a private cloud for data analysis. Modern cloud technologies can significantly reduce costs, and today many companies are increasingly moving their corporate systems and business applications to the cloud, including the data analysis process. The aim is to analyze the quotations of precious metals for the period from 01/01/2018 to 08/01/2018, taken from the information portal Finam.ru for retail traders. To achieve this goal, the following tasks were set: network virtualization, projection of a private cloud based on Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012, the development of a service for forecasting data on precious metal quotations (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) using a time series algorithm and a decision tree. The subject of research is the technology of the private cloud, use it to deploy the service to analyze the data. In the conclusion the results of the service are shown, the practical use of cloud computing for data analysis is shown. The evaluation of the quality of the constructed models makes it possible to consider it satisfactory from the statistical point of view.

    Keywords: cloud computing, private cloud, data mining, cloud service, virtualization, data analysis, forecasting

  • Modernization of the container body for transportation and storage of spent nuclear fuel

    when analyzing container designs for transportation and storage of spent nuclear fuel, a tendency is revealed to improve them using the innovative potential of modern achievements in science and technology. The modernized design of the container is proposed, which includes a molded body with an internal volume under the cover. In the wall of the case, a neutron-protective barrier is poured from the material with a melting point higher than the melting point of the shell material and a thermal conductivity coefficient not less than that of the cast housing material. The barrier prevents the free passage of neutrons in the radial directions

    Keywords: nuclear energy, container, spent nuclear fuel, transportation and storage

  • Development of a model of the process of internal corrosion of pipelines of heating networks

    A dynamic model of the process of internal corrosion of pipelines of heating networks is considered. Model include five level: the level of the wall thickness of the pipeline, the level of slowing down of thinning of the wall of the pipeline from pH, the level of accelerating of thinning of the wall of the pipeline from temperature, the level of accelerating of thinning of the wall of the pipeline from the oxygen concentration, the level of slowing down of thinning of the wall the pipeline from the carbonate index. The composition of variables includes one level of state, thar characterize the process of thinning the wall of the pipeline due to internal corrosion, and four levels, that characterize the performance of network water. Six rates of changing of the physical indicators, that characterize the growth (dynamics) of the ongoing process, are taken into account. Four dependencies of influence are connect the subsystems of the complex into a single whole. The results of the evaluation of the dynamics of the pipe wall thinning process in the process of internal corrosion for a period of 1 year and 5 years presented. The software implementation in the Mathcad environment is considered.

    Keywords: dynamic model, internal corrosion of pipelines, corrosion of the heat network, corrosion factor

  • On the issue of additional distance education program " Use of information technologies in engineering, scientific, administrative and management activities» Part I

    The article presents information about the training program "Use of information technologies in engineering, scientific, administrative and management activities", developed within the framework of the project of the "Engineering open public forum of scientific and technological activities, social and technological entrepreneurship "rozmys", which is carried out using the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society, provided by the presidential grants Fund. The program is intended for a wide range of engineers and specialists of industrial enterprises, scientists, research engineers, University professors, specialists in the field of administrative and management activities. In it, participants are invited to master a number of professional competencies in the field of organizational management using computer modeling. Forms of training are distance video lectures and practical classes. For each topic, an intermediate test is carried out, and their results are put up a final assessment. Participants who have successfully completed the training receive a certificate confirming the passage of 16 hour refresher course on our program.

    Keywords: distance education, advanced training, organizational management, computer modeling, computer simulators