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  • Reviews, suggestions and discussions

  • Technological and economic aspects of the development of the light concrete industry for structural purposes

    Concrete has unique properties that allow it to occupy a leading position in the market of building materials. General-purpose structural concrete is used for the construction of buildings and structures that can provide sufficient strength and elasticity for load-bearing and enclosing structures. Concrete production technologies are in constant development, inextricably linked with the solution of the most important task – reducing the mass of building materials, and, as a result, reducing the material consumption of construction

    Keywords: capital construction, structural concrete, heavy concrete, light structural concrete, resource saving, economic feasibility of using light concrete

  • System analysis of the informativeness of citation indices proposed to assess the publication activity of authors

    A brief analysis of the previously proposed indexes for assessing the publication activity of the authors is presented. Their shortcomings and low information content and reliability are shown.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • New European standards for green construction: WELL and Fitwell

    The conditions and the process of certification of buildings according to WELL and Fitwell standards are analyzed. A comparison of standards was made. The process is described, as well as the necessary conditions for successful certification.

    Keywords: construction, European standards of green construction, green technologies, energy saving, energy efficiency, WELL, FitWel

  • Comparative analysis of environmental construction standards

    In the course of the work, the most popular environmental construction standards for today were studied: BREEAM, LEED, WELL and FitWel. The categories evaluated by these standards are considered.

    Keywords: construction, energy-efficient technologies, green technologies, energy saving, energy efficiency, green construction standards, BREAM, LEED, WELL, FitWel

  • Possible reduction of the carbon footprint from small water transport in the coastal zone of the city of Volgograd

    The article shows the predominant location of the city on the river, the modern development of transport navigation, including for local, suburban and intracity transportation, there has been an ever-increasing demand for individual water transport used to travel by water to places of rest. Bank protection and construction of a road in the right-bank zone of Volgograd will contribute to the development of the transport network and tourist infrastructure of the city. With the growth of the fleet of motor boats, which use mainly propeller motors to drive the propellers of river craft, the volume of fuel consumed also grows. The first "carbon footprint" on the water surface from motor boats appears at the stage of refueling the outboard motor. The second "carbon footprint" is associated with the design features of the propeller-driven boat motor of small river vessels, which release exhaust gas below the surface of the water. Therefore, ensuring the environmental safety of the coastal zone of the city is an urgent issue for research. The proposed possibility of reducing the carbon footprint when organizing a walking water route along the coast of the city through the use of an electric drive from renewable energy sources for small water transport will be a factor in the greening of the coastal zone, contributing to the revitalization of boat tourism and services for organizing active recreation of citizens and visiting guests.

    Keywords: ecology, rocky road, small water transport, carbon footprint, renewable energy sources, electric drive of water transport.

  • Comparative evaluation of the methods of an ultra-narrowband packet of discrete frequencies radiation formation

    The paper presents a comparative assessment of the methods for generating radiation in the form of a two and three-frequency symmetric packet of discrete frequencies, both traditional on the basis of the Mach-Zehnder modulator operating at various operating points, and the author's on the basis of tandem amplitude-phase modulation. The generated emissions are special cases of an ultra-narrowband packet of discrete frequencies used to construct radio-photonic vector analyzers. Based on the results of computer simulation of the shapers in specialized software, a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the purity of the generated radiation is given, which confirms the results obtained for mathematical models and their adequacy to the described physical processes.

    Keywords: modulation of optical radiation, ultra-narrowband packet of discrete frequencies, Mach-Zehnder modulator, tandem amplitude-phase modulation, electroabsorption modulator

  • The concept of microwave photonic vector analyzers based on an ultra-narrowband packet of discrete frequencies

    The paper presents the concept of constructing microwave photonic vector analyzers of a new type based on an ultra-narrowband packet of discrete frequencies, formulated as a result of a comparative analysis of existing methods for constructing optical vector analyzers.

    Keywords: optical vector analyzer, microwave photonics, microwave photonic vector analyzer, modulation of optical radiation, ultra-narrowband package of discrete frequencies

  • Discrete models of competitive resource allocation taking into account the opportunistic behavior of participants

    We present and investigate a discrete model of competitive resource allocation, taking into account the opportunistic behavior of the participants in the competition (active agents). We used the method of qualitatively representative scenarios of simulation modeling for the study of the model. The Nash equilibrium is found numerically. The dependence of the behavior of the game participants on the parameters of the model is investigated.

    Keywords: corruption, competiive resource allocation, imitation modeling, qualitatively representative scenarios

  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Theoretical foundations for constructing risk-oriented models of managing fire-hazardous events

    The work is devoted to the theoretical foundations of constructing risk-oriented models for managing fire hazardous events in social and economic systems. It is noted that various methods and mechanisms of risk-oriented management make it possible to effectively predict and assess various objects of protection. The proposed approach makes it possible to establish the causes of events, determine the possible consequences, evaluate measures preventing the occurrence of an event and form the grounds for making a decision on the acceptability of fire risk for specific objects of the socio-economic system.

    Keywords: fire hazard, assets, risk, events, bow-tie, probability, consequences, barriers protection

  • The method of determining the dynamic characteristics of the hydrolithospheric process with software implementation in the module of the program "KALIGOR- MISMATCH"

    There are methods of modeling hydrogeological systems implemented at various fields. Static and filtration models were used during hydrogeological studies. The choice of the model is determined by the task. A feature of the filtration models is the most accurate description of the geological structure of the deposit. When describing the nature of hydrodynamic processes at producing wells, the main direction of development was obtained by field modeling methods using geofiltration equations. The reliability of the results of using the geofiltration model is described in detail in The geofiltration model is implemented by describing a partial differential equation. The boundary conditions are described, and the initial data are the geometric and physical parameters of aquifers, the characteristics of their mutual influence, etc .. The main difficulty in creating a model is to ensure that the simulation results correspond exactly to the original. If at this stage we do not take into account the essential properties of the distributed object, then in the end it is possible to get a description of a completely different process. Further, the paper describes the method of determining the parameters of the hydraulic equation used in the construction of a mathematical model of the field. An example of a model describing the geofiltration process is given. To solve the geofiltration equation, a discrete model of the object is constructed. The structure of the approximating link for this class of objects is given. The stages of determining the parameters of the approximating link are described. The method is accompanied by an example of calculations for the Berezovsky section of the Kislovodsk field. The graphs of the input impact functions and the output functions necessary for determining the phase shift are implemented using the developed KALIGOR-MISMATCH software module. This technique is an integral part of the frequency method of synthesis of multidimensional systems, when the input effects to a distributed controller are implemented as a discrete function over space. The method of synthesis of regulators can be used to describe the stability of hydrodynamic systems.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Machine Learning for Decision Support in Conservation Management

    The rapid development of machine learning and data analysis techniques observed in recent years can affect numerous aspects of environmental management decision-making. With the advent of remote sensing and continuous monitoring techniques, big data is already contributing to areas such as weather forecasting, environmental sustainability assessment, and disaster management. The main goal of this study is to elucidate the basic concepts of applying machine learning methods to decision support tasks in conservation management, and to discuss methods for improving the efficiency of processing and extracting knowledge from environmental monitoring data. In particular, the capabilities of Cascade ARTMAP, a self-organizing neural network system for rule production and discovery, are analyzed in this vein.

    Keywords: environmental monitoring, neural network, machine learning, adaptive resonance theory, ARTMAP, rule extraction

  • Reflexively controlled cyber wars of our time from the perspective of cognitive modeling

    In this paper, the authors consider the problem of reflexively controlled cyber wars of our time on the example of influence in cyberspace, which is currently both a medium for conflict and its tool. The implemented cyberattacks and the danger of hacker attacks are analyzed. Separately, it is noted that the risks associated with cyber intrusions may include the loss or disclosure of consumer data, theft or disclosure of intellectual property, as well as the loss of investors as a result of the theft of funds or a decrease in the market value of companies subjected to cyber attacks. It is concluded that cybersecurity is a constantly evolving landscape, and currently there is an urgent need to constantly learn both from our own experience and from the experience of other companies that effectively counteract cyber attacks. In addition, an important condition is that successful interaction with opponents in cyberspace requires constant striving

    Keywords: cyberwarfare, cyberattacks, cybersecurity risks, communication networks, transport systems, tactical, operational and strategic initiatives

  • Experimental implementation of hybrid cloud service based on the sharing economy principles

    The article discusses the experimental implementation of a cloud data center based on the principles of sharing economy. The research presents an algorithm and implementation of resource management for shared consumers. The article demonstrates a qualitative assessment of the system performance and basic performance tests of web applications deployed according to the proposed model.

    Keywords: cloud technologies, web application, consumer economy, virtua

  • Application of tensor methodology for the design of mathematical models of electromagnetic drives

    When creating a model of a nonlinear electrical system based on differential equations, it is important to keep in mind that ordinary differentiation does not give an adequate mathematical idea of ​​the nonlinear physical processes taking place. Even in the simplest case of a conductor with a current, the construction of an adequate model is only possible if the tensor approach is applied. From this point of view, any electrical system is an object of tensor methodology. A typical example of a non-linear electrical system is an AC electromagnetic drive. The nonlinear nature of the processes in such devices is due to a number of reasons. The main reasons are: current displacement in the winding of the AC electromagnetic drive and saturation of the steel of the magnetic circuit in the process of magnetization. Both phenomena admit tensor description, which is confirmed by the research presented in the article.

    Keywords: dynamic characteristic of magnetization, electromagnet, mathematical model, tensor methodology

  • Information system of a research organization

    Nowadays, it is often necessary to create effective tools for collecting, analyzing and processing information related to taking into account the activities of universities. There is also a need to develop information systems that provide automation of educational process management functions, which would reduce the cost of organizing educational process management in an educational institution. One of the primary tasks of the university is the implementation of research work by students, graduate students and research workers on the basis of research organizational structures. In this regard, an additional burden is placed on the employees of a research organization, which implies the performance of routine operations, as a result of which mistakes can be made. You can avoid possible mistakes, as well as increase the efficiency of employees by creating an information system, which is described in this article.

    Keywords: information system, science, university, information services

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    This article presents an algorithm for predicting and avoiding an obstacle with a single UAV. The proposed method is an extended version of the previous work with the additional collision avoidance capabilities which are based on the building of a bypass curve. In this work, the authors proposed a method for generating trajectories, which uses Bezier curves with the properties of the Pythagorean Hodograph.

    Keywords: unmanned aerial vehicle, Bernstein-Bezier polynomials, Pythagorean Hodograph, trajectory generation, obstacle avoidance, programmed motion

  • Automated non-destructive testing in the monitoring system of the technological process of bearing production

    The issues of ensuring the reliable operation of bearing production on the basis of the organization of the process monitoring system (SMTP), based on the introduction of effective automated control and diagnostics of technological equipment, including processing modes and technical condition, active control of product quality in the manufacturing process, output characteristics of rings processed by the eddy current method, as well as making decisions on timely maintenance of equipment. The results of the inspection are stored in a report file generated in the eddy current device computer: information about each checked part is stored: the time of inspection, the type of part, the surface to be monitored, the number of the machine on which the part was processed. The results of eddy current control serve as the basis for monitoring the dynamic characteristics of the equipment by vibroacoustic vibrations. Based on the results of the control within the framework of the SMTP, a decision is made on the quality management of processing. The introduction of SMTP provided a significant reduction in ring defects in terms of grinding quality up to 2-3 % and increased operational reliability of bearings.

    Keywords: grinding process monitoring, bearing rings, dynamic machine quality, active control, eddy current control, ring quality

  • Application of a magnetic shunt to increase the sensitivity of a device for testing samples of magnetostrictive materials

    This article discusses one of the parts of the development of a device for testing samples of magnetostrictive materials. A study of various designs and an analysis of the sensitivity of the measuring system are presented. The substantiation of the use of a magnetic shunt to increase the sensitivity is given, which is confirmed in field experiments.

    Keywords: magnetostrictive materials, basic magnetization curve, magnetic shunt, magnetic flux

  • The algorythm of building of dissymmetric bigram cryptosystem,based on diophantine difficulty

    The objective need to improve information security systems in the conditions of information-telecommunication technologies developing is shown. A new area of NP-complete promplems of diophantine analisys is firstly researched, namely Tarry–Escott multigrade diophantine equation systems (MDES) of given dimension and degree. The theorems, that describe parametrical MDES parametric solution properties, required for the development of the algorythm of building of dissymmetric bigram cryptosystem, are given in the article. The author's theorem, which allows to develop information protection system (IPS) mathematical model as a cortege, containing diophantine probleme. A new approach to develop dissymmetric bigram cryptosystem(DBC) on the base of two-parametrical MDES solution, which generalize open key cryptosystem, is considered. Forward and reverse conversions based on parametrical solution are suggested tyo realize on such algorythm. A new concept of equivalence of ordered sets of numbers (parameters) of a given dimension and order is introduced to build DBC mathematical model, using two-parametrical MDES solution. Described mathematical model demonstrates application potential of diophantine equations for IPS with a high degree of reliability.

    Keywords: NP-complete probleme, information protection system, symmetric (dissymmetric) cryptosystem, open key cryptosystem, forward and reverse information conversions, Tarry–Escott multigrade diophantine equation system, parametrical solution

  • Evaluation of the efficiency of the system of forced cooling of disc-pad brake mechanisms

    To evaluate the efficiency of the system of forced cooling of disc-pad brake mechanisms, the temperature on the working surfaces of the brake disc is proposed as a criterion. The parameters of influence on the forced cooling system include the pressure at the inlet of the ventilation unit, the angle of attack of the air flow, the number of air supply sources and the geometry of the ventilation unit. As a result of multifactorial experiments, the regression equations of temperature on the working surfaces of the brake disc were obtained from the above-mentioned influence parameters. The obtained data can be used in two directions: designing systems for forced cooling of brake mechanisms and controlling the thermal load of the brake disc.

    Keywords: disc-block type brake mechanism, forced cooling system, temperature of working surfaces, pressure at the inlet of the ventilation unit, angle of attack of the air flow, geometry of the ventilation unit, regression equations

  • The method for dimension reduction of motion data based on wavelet transform

    The paper presents the results of work on reducing the motion data dimension obtained by motion capture system with inertial microelectromechanical sensors. In the beginning, it is given which movements were chosen and rationale for everyone's. After that, assumption is presented about independence of data flows for different types of sensors is checked. Next, method for sorting the incoming data stream for the wavelet transform is considered and method for redundancy decline through finding strong linear relations between data streams is given and scale of wavelet transform is justified. Then method for compressing motion data using a wavelet transform is proposed. After that, it is shown that after data processing, data power spectrum decreases in the high-frequency region.

    Keywords: MEMS, motion capture, spectral analysis, wavelet transform, correlation analysis, accelerometer, gyroscope, inertial sensor, motion control, digital motion reference pattern

  • Technical science. Building and architecture