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  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    The paper deals with the use of Markov chains apparatus in problems of forecasting the operational status of non-rigid pavements maintained roads in the network layer. An example of predicting the deterioration of structural indicators for the non-rigid pavement of the existing road section.

    Keywords: roads, pavement, forecasting, Markov chain

  • By the impact of pollution of water bodies Black Sea region of polychlorinated aromatic compounds on HEALTH

    "The paper analyzes the influence of water pollution Azov-Black Sea water basin polychlorinated aromatic compounds (PAC) on health. The literature and reference material on the conditions of formation of ecologically particularly dangerous polychlorinated compounds (dioxins, furans and biphenyls) and their pathways in the environment - air, natural water, soil, sediments and various tissues of biological organisms (including humans). The types and characteristics of PAS effects on living organisms. The analysis allows to see the additional impact of complex human influence adversely affects the morbidity of the population under the influence of mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic effects of polychlorinated compounds. Recommendations to address environmental health and reduce the risk of dangerous diseases and preservation of the gene pool of humanity."

    Keywords: anthropogenic load, Azov-Black Sea water pool, toxicology, polychlorinated aromatic compounds (PAC), dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic properties, preventive measures

  • The question of hygiene assessment organochlorines in drinking water

    In the absence experimentally confirmed data that chloroform in the water after boiling or sedimentation does not disappear, and only switches to other chemical compounds obvious usefulness boiled, and preferably a distance not less than 6 and not more than 24 hours the water to reduce the negative effect chloroform. The study of drinking water quality on the content of chloroform in water treatment soobruzheny distribution network, monitor the change in the concentration of chloroform as a result of sedimentation and boiling, as well as methods of dealing with organic chlorine compounds in drinking water. The objective of the exclusion of the possibility of formation of organochlorine compounds in drinking water can be achieved most effectively through: reduction of organic compounds in source water due to its pre-cleaning before putting chlorine in it; exclusion from the scheme of drinking water chlorine and chlorine-containing agents.

    Keywords: chlororganic compound, chloroform, drinking-water, disinfection of drinking-water

  • Assessment of manganese content in natural water on human health catchment Taganrog

    The estimation of water quality in the catchment of the city of Taganrog. To estimate the proportion used combinatorial index of water pollution (UKIZV), consider the dynamics of the main pollutants in the water intake area.

    Keywords: MPC, UKIZV, water quality, WPI, critical indicators of water pollution, sulphates

  • Assesment of performance design for aerial orientation hydroacoustic

    The paper presents the results of theoretical studies of the problem assess the impact of structural features in the design phase in the direction of the acoustic antennas. Consider the generalized algorithm of forming directional characteristics of a special form in the application hydroacoustic problems and solutions of the generalized problem of optimizing the characteristics of antennas and modular design principle. Optimization problem proposed to divide into separate components: optimization of antenna characteristics and optimization of tactical performance speaker system that comprehensively affect the choice of antenna design. The method of constructing an antenna with a pie chart in the horizontal plane when the parametric antenna sector review contains some highly directional converters pumping flat aperture.

    Keywords: acoustic antenna, directivity characteristic, sector

  • Regeneration of the filter surface in inertial separator

    The separation of materials by centrifugation, using centrifuges (inertial separators) are the basis of many industrial processes. The main disadvantage of the applied inertial separators is the difficulty in removing sediment particles from the pores of the filter surface, thus increasing the resistance to filtration, and the need to stop at the restoration (regeneration) of the filter surface and reduce its technical performance. The solution to the question of regeneration has led to the use in separators filter surfaces having sections with different curvatures, including reverse. The design of the inertial filter separator is protected by a utility patent. Found the working conditions of the separator, in which achieved complete regeneration of pores of the filter surface due to the simultaneous action of the forces of inertias and phenomena hydraulic wedge. The use of inertial filter separator in the purification of liquids and finely dispersed suspensions will allow simultaneously the processes of filtration and regeneration that will increase their efficiency

    Keywords: regeneration, separation, centrifuge, separator, filter surface of the separating surface, a curvature opposite the curvature, the forces of inertia, gravity, kinematic indicator mode, the performance, the radius of curvature, speed

  • Model of dynamic management of a laser beam and a blood-groove on the basis of a biological feed-back

    The method of laser therapy is based on synchronization of phases of inflow (anacrotism) and outflow of blood (catacrotism) in the field of the pathological center with phases of a being narrowed and extending laser spot on a projection of this pathological center. It is supposed that being narrowed on a projection of the pathological center the spot of laser light stimulates blood inflow to the spot center, and the extending spot of a laser beam – activates blood outflow in the direction from the spot center to its periphery. The developed technique of the automated correction of hemodynamic frustration consists in pilot signal formation (in charge of the power and laser positioning) for the laser machine on the basis of a difference between a reference rheogram and a rheogram of the patient (a body site) in real time.The offered technique has to allow to use more efficiently methods of laser therapy at treatment of violations of a blood-groove. The technique is calculated on the basis of numerical experiment by means of methods of mathematical model operation.In the real experiment the question of synchronization of the reference and measured signal is considered solved though this task represents a subject of separate researches.The received pilot signal can be in real time transformed to the current signal operating positioning and laser power.The method gives the chance of an operating control of a condition of the patient and blood-groove diagnostics to, in time and after a session of laser therapy. Development provides possibility of adaptive individual correction and optimization of parameters of influence during a session and a course of treatment.

    Keywords: laser, therapy, technique, rheogram, diagnostics, blood-groove, management, signal

  • Logistic organization of integrated development of mass low-rise housing construction

    In the article the author considers the problematic aspects and empirical complexities of the modern process of institutionalization of the market of countryside low-rise housing construction. Basing on the results of his studies of the modern market practice of the development of mass low-rise housing construction the author substantiates the necessity of formation the logistic model of integrated and organized development of low-rise housing construction, implementation of which will allow to launch the process of institutionalization of the market of housing and communal services that will provide the extension of possibilities for integrated infrastructural preparation of the territories at the expense of deepening the institutional and operational integration of operators of the market of low-rise house building and the market of housing and communal services. From the author's point of view, the effective institutionalization of the process of the extended development of integrated low-rise housing construction can be ensured on the basis of the logistic linking of all parts of construction industry which are integrated into the model of public-private partnership on construction of engineering and communal infrastructure in the system of low-rise housing construction in the framework of the new technological and economic structure which provides the possibility for civilized development of the countryside cottage settlements, integrated development of which makes one of the basic conditions for formation of their long-term market attractiveness and also in future competition with the countryside multi-apartment housing. Low-rise housing construction, economy segment, logistics, integration, housing and communal services.

    Keywords: Low-rise housing construction, economy segment, logistics, integration, housing and communal services.

  • Improving of the efficiency and reliability of wastewater treatment at different stages of treatment plant effluent

    The article contains the approaches of  improving the reliability and environmental safety of cleaning waste water treatment plants in the industrial environment, with the help of the express - control methods (oxidation - reduction potential respirometry) and modern technology (biologics, intraband circulation biomass)

    Keywords: safety, environmental safety, sewage treatment, waste water, oxidation - reduction potential, respirometry, biologics, intraband circulation biomass

  • The experience of building piled foundations of the piles on nonuniform basis during the construction of a 17-storey residential building in Rostov-on-don

    The article describes the experience of the device of pile foundations under the multi-storey building in difficult engineering-geological conditions in Rostov-on-don

    Keywords: Drilling piles, test, conductor pipe, sandconcrete, foundation

  • Enhancing the functionality of the inverter voltage systems interfacing renewable energy and industrial network.

    The problems of the modification of voltage inverter circuit are considered and using of a DC power source in the realization of function of boosting voltage converter.

    Keywords: Active rectifier, voltage converter, inverting converter, multi-channel power supply , the conversion factor.