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  • Stabilographic functional diagnostics in elite sports

      The purpose of investigation is to examine the effect of adaptation to difficult-house physical stress on the regulation of the vertical posture of man. For the analysis of the ability to maintain a vertical position used stabilographic hardware-software complex "Stabilan-1-02" (JSK Rhythm ", Russia). The ability to maintain a vertical position was evaluated in two static positions: 1) the main stand (OS) in the presence and absence of visual information, and 2) dip (PP) in the presence of visual information. Revealed that an increase of physical performance ability to maintain balance in static positions, especially in the complicated conditions (deprivation of visual information and static muscle tension) increases.

    Keywords: Sports stabilometry, adaptation, vertical pose

  • Principles of metrology information-measuring systems for analytical measurements in biomedicine

      Regarding the structural evaluation of the instrumental error of bio MIS tool software package was developed that allows to take into account the error in the analysis of clinical diagnostic measurement in hematology research. It allows to analyze the results of hematological measurements with the measurement error and issue you with a message that characterizes getting results within normal or unreliability. Nanoparticles in biomedical analytical measurements are used as contrast agents, since, being immobilized specific proteins with adhesion to the diseased cells and bacteria. Register ultrasonic signal produced when the laser blood flow to the entered nanoparticles allows the detection and enumeration of diseased cells. The block diagram of analytical studies was designed to prove its basic metrological characteristics. Research is conducted in the centers for collective use of the Southern Federal University "Nanotechnology" and "Laser Technology", equipped with modern and unique nanotechnology research equipment.

    Keywords: Bio MIS, nanoparticles, hematological measurements

  • Use of new technologies in the top level sport

      New devices and equipment, which use the methods and facilities of computer stabilography, are introduced in the paper. These devises and equipment require improving power and speed-power rates of sportsmen in Russian Olympic and Paralympics National Teams. The article examines new technologies, which enable to estimate objectively the dynamics of training program’s effectiveness, during training of sportsmen for competition. In the paper is introduced an ability of use of these devices on the basis of new technologies under visual feedback for development of dose muscle force and motor function of the sportsman as well as for rehabilitation after overtraining, injury or trauma.

    Keywords: Speed-power training, stabilography, dynamometry, moment of force

  • The theoretical model of the laser excitation of acoustic signals in a liquid medium with the presence of nano-sized objects

      Now nanotechnologies are one of perspective methods of diagnostics in medical practice. Nanoparticles can be used as contrast agents for medical ultrasonic introscopy due to their adhesion to tumor cells and bacteria. The mathematical model of the laser excitation of acoustic signals in a liquid medium with the presence of the nanotubes was developed and numerically studied. Increasing of the level of photo acoustic signal was shown.

    Keywords: Opt acoustic effect, nanotubes, and model

  • Information about authors (№4, 2011)

    Information about authors of issue №4 (2011)

    Keywords: authors