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  • Reviews, suggestions and discussions

  • Means and methods of innovative management of innovative startups. Part II

    The work is devoted to the means and methods of innovative management. Associated mainly with startup projects. This refers to an extended concept of startups, not only and not so much as an organization that creates a new product or service in conditions of high uncertainty, but as an innovative project with a high degree of risk. The algorithm for implementing startups is considered, and the factors that influence the introduction of innovations, both external and internal, are presented. Much attention is paid to effective tools and methods for implementing startups. Such as the application of systems analysis and diversification of production. It is shown that one of the foundations of innovative technological business in the economy is currently played by industrial-agricultural symbiosis. All of the above questions are illustrated by numerous specific examples. The main goals and principles of innovation management identified in the course of the conclusion are logically derived from the totality of which. The work is of a scientific and practical nature. It can be used both in scientific research of modern business processes and for practical guidance in conducting specific campaigns.

    Keywords: innovation, startup, management, system analysis, sustainable development, synergistic systems, symbiosis, diversification, implementation algorithm, goals, means

  • Features of construction of pile foundations in permafrost zones at oil and gas facilities: overview

    The huge part of Russia territory is located in the permafrost zone. Mastering of this area is important step for Russia, because the mining is developing at a rapid pace, and mostly oil and gas. There is its own specificity in the construction of buildings and structures on permafrost. Peculiar properties of foundation in the permafrost zone are considered in this article.

    Keywords: foundation, permafrost, thermosyphon, oil storage, oil and gas industry, drilling, ammonia

  • Problems of using hydrogen in internal combustion engines

    In recent years, hydrogen is of particular interest among alternative fuels for vehicles, which has a high potential for use as a motor fuel today. Hydrogen and its mixtures for transport really have good opportunities to replace petroleum gasoline. The article discusses the features of hydrogen as a fuel for thermal engines. Observed in the world in recent decades, increased attention to hydrogen as a fuel and energy carrier is determined by the following main features: hydrogen reserves are almost unlimited; hydrogen is a universal energy resource that can be used to produce energy by various technologies, be (stored, transported, used) in gaseous, liquid and bound states; among the types of organic fuel, hydrogen has the highest calorific value per unit mass and the least negative impact on the environment. The article presents a systematic analysis of the use of hydrogen in heat engines, .the features of hydrogen combustion are determined, the advantages and disadvantages of its application are shown on the basis of a comprehensive analysis. It is concluded that the more promising use of hydrogen in road transport is associated with the development of fuel cells

    Keywords: alternative fuels, ecology, greenhouse gases, hydrogen, energy properties, fuel cells, internal combustion engine, motor transport

  • Windows Management Instrumentation as a way to monitor and audit enterprise IT infrastructure

    This paper describes the tools for managing the Windows operating system - Windows Management Instrumentation, and also analyzes its applicability for monitoring and auditing the enterprise IT infrastructure. The main WMI classes and their purpose are given. Two methods for using WMI are described: local and network. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of each method are given.

    Keywords: operating system, Windows, Windows Management Instrumentation, WMI, audit, monitoring, IT infrastructure, wbemtest

  • Architectural and landscape design of buildings with an exploited green roof

    The article discusses urban planning concepts for the placement of buildings with a green roof. Analyze the experience in the design and construction of buildings with a green roof. Buildings with green roofs are integrated into the landscape. The article discusses the factors affecting the formation of such buildings. Describes how to organize lighting in buildings with an exploited roof. Green roofs are a formative factor affecting the formation of the architectural appearance of buildings. The article is illustrated with examples of building with an exploited green roof.

    Keywords: Green Roofs, landscape architecture, Urban Landscape Aesthetics, urban environment, sustainable construction, visual environment, landscape urbanism

  • About possibilities of management of ecological and economic risks of investment projects

    This article discusses the possibility of managing environmental and economic risks of investment projects. Environmental efficiency is an important indicator in assessing the effectiveness of an investment project. It is revealed that when assessing the environmental efficiency of an investment project, it is necessary to use the established standards and agreements, normative legal acts in the field of environmental law. However, the legislation in the Russian Federation in the field of environmental risk assessment requires accurate calculations that will facilitate the task of the investor in the field of adoption of an effective investment project. It is analyzed that the final decision on the implementation of the project depends on the quality of the assessment.

    Keywords: Efficiency, investment, risk, uncertainty, investment project, ecology, factor, criterion, implementation

  • Developing Hidden Object Mobile Games using the MIT App Inventor

    In this paper, we consider the process of developing a simple game, such as searching for items, for mobile devices running on the Android OS using the MIT App Inventor. A game algorithm is developed, code blocks are given. The article is intended for schoolchildren who are fond of programming and will be useful for computer science teachers when used in additional classes or organizing project and research activities of computer science children.

    Keywords: MIT App Inventor, mobile applications, training in the creation of mobile applications, additional education for children, hidden object

  • Modern three-dimensional printers to additive construction industry

    This article is a short review of modern three-dimensional printers used in additive construction production (ASP). The main goal of the article is to analyze the main types of existing 3D printers for ASP. The features of their design and methods of use are described, as well as their advantages and disadvantages when used in additive construction production are identified.

    Keywords: construction, additive building production (ABP), additive technology (AT), building 3D-printing, extrusion 3D-printing, building 3D-printer

  • Formation of architectural form using algorithmic methods

    The influence of socio-economic factors creates the need for the use of new design solutions with the introduction of advanced methods, as well as technical means in design. The article discusses the basic algorithmic methods that define a new approach in architectural practice. Using the experience of designing as an example, the advantages of using algorithmic software systems were determined, which are responsible for increasing the quality characteristics of the final result, increasing the value of the project due to the limitless possibilities of graphical presentation by program algorithmic modeling methods.

    Keywords: algorithmic methods, computational design, shaping, Galapagos plugin, script, simulation

  • Overview of approaches to adaptive error correction when transmitting images over a noisy channel

    The directions of modern research in the field of adaptive error correction, which can be applied when transmitting images in JPEG 2000 format over a noisy channel, are examined. Adaptive correction at the network level allows you to maintain a given percentage of packet delivery. Uneven protection at the application level is intended for use in broadcast broadcasts and allows the consumer to receive an image of various quality depending on the state of the network. Adaptive uniform protection at the application level is focused on point-to-point transmission and is aimed at receiving the maximum image quality by the receiver. The network layer tools discussed can be combined with the application layer tools.

    Keywords: adaptation, noise-proof coding, forward error correction, noisy channel, JPEG 2000

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Determination of critical stresses in shells of high flexibility

    The article is considered the wall stability of a steel cylindrical pre-stressed granary, compressed by the friction forces of grain and shell, taking into consideration the influence of the grain internal pressure, its elastic resistance from the inside and the elastic resistance of the pre-stressed shell outside. In this case, the initial and subcritical deflection of the shell is assumed to be axisymmetric, and the loss of the shell stability occurs with the formation of asymmetric deflection. The given solution of the problem allows to determine the magnitude of the critical efforts taking into consideration the influence of the grain internal pressure, its elastic repulsion, the magnitude of the initial deflections and the ratio of shell dimensions.

    Keywords: stability calculation, wall stability, prestressing, internal lateral pressure, elastic rebound

  • Mathematical modeling of pollution reservoirs by stationary sources

    This article analyzes the dynamics of pollution of water bodies (on the example of the Don river basin) by stationary sources for the period 2000-2015. using the methods of mathematical statistics, an empirical model is constructed to study the trend and fluctuations of pollution dynamics. For this purpose data of rosvodresurs of the Russian statistical Yearbook are used. The adequacy of the model for three-year forecasts with an error of up to 8% was checked. A system of differential equations describing the pollution process is derived.

    Keywords: mathematical model, statistical methods, trend lines, differential equations, prediction, model adequacy, the forecast error, the dynamics of pollution, water resources, waste water

  • Cognitive model of the civil-legal attitudes’ structure of the population of the Rostov region

    Civil-legal attitudes of the population determine the degree of its participation in the socio-political processes of society development. The aim of this work is to create a cognitive model that reflects the structure of civil-legal attitudes of the population of the Rostov region, depending on the socio-demographic (age) differences. The object of the study is the civil- legal attitudes in the consciousness of the population of the Rostov region, differentiated by age (youth, the population of economically active age, the older generation). The subject research field includes certain aspects of the structures of civil-legal attitudes of the population of the Rostov region, depending on the belonging to different socio-demographic groups of the population. The methodological basis for the development and research of the considered substantive models is a system analysis in combination with a cognitive approach. In the framework of the study, the cognitive model of civil-legal attitudes of residents of the Rostov region, allowed to identify three components, the degree of severity of each of which has an age determination. To the greatest extent, age differentiation affects the value-semantic, normative and situational components of the cognitive model, which indicates an increasing mental distance between the strata of the older and younger generation of representatives of the Don region. At the same time, there are practically no generational imbalances in the institutional component, which characterizes the role of the state in the formation of the legal and civil field.

    Keywords: cognitive model, age groups, civil-legal attitudes, socio-demographic differentiation of regional society, constructs of consciousness of different age groups, value-normative structure of the society

  • Diffraction of a plane wave on a sphere made of metamaterial

    metamaterials, microwave, antennas, diffraction, Maxwell equations, electromagnetic waves, the dielectric constant

    Keywords: metamaterials, microwave, antennas, diffraction, Maxwell equations, electromagnetic waves, the dielectric constant

  • Application of iterative calculus methods for analysis and simulation of instantaneous traction power supply schemes

    The article is devoted to the possibility of applying the methods of successive approximations in the analysis of the instantaneous scheme of the traction network. The described approach allows to improve the accuracy of modeling dynamic modes of traction power supply sections, and also allows to significantly improve the process of modeling diagnostic systems and control of electric rolling stock at the design stage based on a more accurate model of dynamically changing input parameters of the traction network depending on their required level.

    Keywords: traction network, instantaneous circuit, diagnostics, simulation, iteration

  • The concept of control method of the tracking camera of a rotary-wing aircraft based on the theory of fuzzy sets

    The basis of solving the problem of automatic takeoff and landing of helicopters is the problem of orientation of the aircraft relative to the landing site. Existing approaches are based on a combination of satellite positioning technology and sensors. Such solutions have a significant drawback - low positioning accuracy. In this regard, it is necessary to develop new methods that provide low computational complexity and high positioning accuracy relative to the landing site. The article provides an overview of modern solutions in the field of autonomous control of aircraft. The concept of a method for solving the problem of orientation of a helicopter relative to the landing pad is proposed. The approach is based on the use of a camera following the heliport sign. Determining the landing site is based on the theory of fuzzy sets and complex linguistic variables. Complex linguistic variables have three-dimensional membership functions, thus avoiding the problem of uncertainty. Simplification of the computational process is achieved through the use of projections of sections of three-dimensional membership functions.

    Keywords: control tracking camera, rotary-wing aircraft, the theory of fuzzy sets, membership functions of terms, linguistic variables

  • Geoinformation technology for monitoring glades of power lines

    In this work the problem of monitoring and diagnostics of power lines glades (transmission lines) with the help of geoinformation technologies is considered. The article identifies the main factors of occurrence of critical situations on power lines, as well as factors that allow to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity. Taking into account the spatial distribution of power lines, the article proposes to use geoinformation systems, which are an effective means of processing data on power lines. Geoinformation technology of transmission line monitoring is investigated, optimal methods of transmission line monitoring are revealed. Aspects of formation of a security zone for power lines are considered. A model of identifying the risk of an emergency is constructed. The algorithm of monitoring of power lines, their protection zones and identification of emergency areas on the basis of geoinformation technologies is developed.

    Keywords: geoinformation system, monitoring, power line, security zone, emergency, cartographic image

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    The main maintenance of a diversification of production as activity of subjects of managing is considered. being shown in purchase of the operating enterprises, the organizations of the new enterprises, redistribution of investments in interests of the organization and development of new production on available floor spaces. The most important organizational economic targets of a diversification of management are presented by innovative activity of the industrial enterprise.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Systems for automatic generation of monitoring programs

    Models of monitoring program generation systems are proposed. to significantly reduce the cost of time and other resources for monitoring complex technical objects. Systems are considered at several levels: subsystems and modules, communication links, use cases, physical representation. A technique for adapting system models to subject areas.

    Keywords: complex technical object, monitoring, models of software systems, program generation

  • The model for overcoming the risks of destroying the life world of a young family (based on materials from the Rostov region)

    This article analyzes strategies to overcome the risks of a breakdown in the life of a young family. Based on the results of an empirical study conducted in the Rostov region, the authors of the article identify micro- and macro-strategies for overcoming the risks of destroying the life world of a young family within the framework of cognitive, value, and behavioral levels. The authors conclude that an important role in overcoming cognitive-value risks is given to microsocial strategies, where the family occupies key positions. Macro-social strategies are represented by the work of social institutions such as the state, the media, and education. According to the authors, the symbiosis of the selected strategies is the most effective for reducing the risks of the collapse of the life world of a young family.

    Keywords: Model, cognitive model, risks, strategies for overcoming risks, family, young family, life world

  • Evaluation of the effects achieved by focusing the electromagnetic field in the region in the microwave processes of grain processing

    Microwave plants are now widely used in industrial and agricultural processes. The main effects by using of focusing of methods in procceses of microwave proccesing of grain cultures is considered. Cereals are dissipative materials with a significant attenuation factor. Focused excitation allows to concentrate field intensity distribution near focusing point in planes parallel and perpendicular to aperture. The limit depth of effective focusing is determined. The dependence of the focus efficiency and the size of the focused area on the depth of the focus point location is also shown.

    Keywords: Microwave processing, focusing aperture, efficiency of focusing, size of area of focusing

  • Mathematical assessment based on the Lotka – Volterra method of quantitative indicators of processing straw raw materials during combine harvesting of grain

    During the harvesting of crops, a significant amount of straw residues is formed, which can be used as raw material for subsequent processing. To assess the volume of straw suitable for processing for various needs of the agro-industrial complex, it is proposed to apply the Lotka-Volterra method. Using this method, it is possible to predict the formation of straw residues depending on the initial indicators during harvesting.

    Keywords: straw residues, processing of straw raw materials, modeling, Lotka-Volterra method

  • Analysis of the load curve in the isolated areas of power supply

    The article studies the subject of human settlements with decentralized power supply, included into a locally isolated power supply complex. The basic integrated measures were determined for settlements power lines daily load curves. The results are presented, for dependency assessment between the integrated measures for daily load curves and the number of the settlement’s inhabitants. The dependency has been proven to be effectively described by a second order equation. For the dependency, the correlation coefficient, the determination coefficient and the average approximation error have been given.

    Keywords: Power line load curve, decentralized power supply zone, locally isolated power supply complex, approximation