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  • The impact of the space-planning solution of the building on energy efficiency indicators

    The article is devoted to the comparative analysis of the construction and operation of buildings of traditional shape and round shape in the plan. Given data on material costs in the operation of buildings of different shapes.

    Keywords: shaping, round buildings, energy efficiency, square buildings, building shapes, heating, thermal protection

  • 3D modeling of oil and gas facilities in the MicroStation program

    In this article, the actual task of automating the working processes for the design of offshore oil and gas facilities is considered. Developed software packages are provided that allow to provide higher quality of work, to shorten the development time due to automation of routine operations and the process of obtaining output documentation, as well as its operative updating and reissue when making changes.

    Keywords: Bentley MicroStation, 3D modeling, offshore oil and gas facilities, design.

  • The role of dome buildings in the architecture of the future

    The article is devoted to the comparative analysis of the construction and operation of buildings of traditional form and dome buildings. This comparative data on material costs for construction of buildings of different shapes.

    Keywords: dome building, energy efficiency, stratodesic dome, geodesic frame, traditional building, shapes of buildings

  • Nanocomposite organic-hybrid materials

    In this article is reviewed the nature of organic hybrid nanocomposites. Promising directions in the field of organic hybrid nanocomposite materials will be methods for the synthesis of multicomponent materials, as well as the type of "net net" and "host-guest". The fundamental problem with the chemistry and physics of nanocomposites is dependent "structure-property". Solving this problem will move from research materials to their purposeful design.

    Keywords: nanocomposite sol-gel technology, synthesis, nanoparticles.

  • UV photodetector based on nanorods and zinc oxide films

    With the use of pulsed laser deposition and carbothermal synthesis а photosensitive structure on the basis of the Schottky barrier Au/ZnO(nanorods)/ZnO(film)/ZnO(nanorods)/Au was obtained. The parameters of the carbothermal method of synthesis of nanorods ZnO were optimized. Under directly applied bias of 7V current sensitivity of luminous flux for this photodetector is observed in the UV and visible regions of the spectrum, and is 0.14 A/W - for 325 nm and 0.18 A/W - to 405 nm, which means that this structure has the ability of potential applications in various fields for the control of UV radiation (for example, for the monitoring of solar UV radiation, control of UV radiation in air and disinfecting water devices).

    Keywords: ZnO nanorods, Schottky barrier, photodetector, photosensitivity