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  • Reviews, suggestions and discussions

  • The influence of the natural-territorial conditions of the area on the solution of urban planning problems

    One of the complex processes in the implementation of urban planning activities is the choice of the area on which planning and development will be carried out. The selection of the territory for the development of populated areas is made taking into account the possibility of its most effective and rational use, which are based on a number of natural and territorial factors. This article will consider the main natural-territorial factors that directly affect the solution of urban planning problems.

    Keywords: urban planning activities, engineering preparation, planning structure, rational use, geological and hydrological conditions, landscape, climatic conditions, engineering and geological research, anthropogenic impact, insolation

  • Application of green technologies in the construction of homes for the disabled and the elderly

    The article discusses the concept of green building, its basic principles, assessment methods. The technologies used in green building are presented. The technologies for collecting rainwater, using solar energy and improving energy efficiency through the use of recuperators, their types and principles of operation, applicable to homes for the disabled and the elderly are considered.

    Keywords: green building, construction, eco-friendly construction, green technologies, energy efficiency, ecological environment

  • Modern methods and algorithms for solving fuzzy distribution (transport) problems, reflected in foreign literature

    The article discusses the work of foreign authors in the field of solving fuzzy distribution (transport) problems. To solve such problems in real conditions, it is rather difficult to formalize all parameters in the form of definite numbers, therefore, the field of solving fuzzy distribution (transport) problems attracts wide attention of scientists and experts, provoking numerous successful studies. To solve distribution (transport) problems, when considering the current state of foreign literature, the main approaches have been identified, consisting in the use of pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal fuzzy numbers, ranking, intuitive fuzzy environment, as well as the Pythagorean approach. Now it is becoming more and more important to use inaccurate data in real transportation problems. The listed approaches to solving distribution (transport) problems give a certain effect in comparison with the existing ones, therefore it is necessary to investigate solutions of fuzzy distribution problems using modern approaches and methods.

    Keywords: fuzzy transport routing problem, optimization, fuzzy methods, fuzzy numbers, heuristic algorithms, hybrid algorithms

  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • Reconstruction of structural images of endoscopic optical coherence tomography by taking into account speckle patterns

    In the presented work, a method of reconstruction of structural images in endoscopic optical coherence tomography based on taking into account speckle patterns by using the operations of morphological erosion and expansion is considered. The proposed algorithm for reducing the level of speckle noise to improve the quality of visualization in endoscopic optical coherence tomography was practically implemented in the LabVIEW environment. Distinctive features of the proposed algorithm are morphological processing of B-scans, filtering by convolution before morphological processing of B-scans, and multilevel filtering of A-scans and B-scans consisting of them. A series of computer experiments showed a stable increase in the signal-to-noise ratio and contrast of the obtained structural images when using the developed algorithm. The proposed algorithm for reducing the level of speckle noise in structural images can be used in medical technologies to visualize the internal structure of cavities and body tracts.

    Keywords: speckle noise, optical coherence tomography, endoscopic systems, structural image, morphological erosion, morphological dilation, speckle reduction, coherence probing depth

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Modeling the output amplifier of a photodetecting device

    Recognition of radiation from celestial bodies by technical means is an important task in the orientation of spacecraft. For a device that is part of the Earth orientation device, a variant of modeling an electronic signal amplifier received from a pyroelectric sensor is studied. On the recommendation of the developers, the properties of trans-impedance operational amplifiers were studied, and suitable coefficients for the negative feedback circuit were selected. The type of output signal of the model is studied in comparison with the recording of values taken from a real photodetector. The preferred design of the model in the Matlab Simulink environment is shown – a model defined by an electrical circuit using the Simscape Electrical library.

    Keywords: simulation of electric circuits, space orientation, photodetecting device, transimpedance amplifier, optoelectronic devices, space instrumentation

  • Optimal software development approach using modern tools and methodologies

    Modern software development approaches requires perfect stable infrastructure and processes linked with that. Infrastructure has to be highly available, reliable and provide fast and comfortable tools for deployment, support, upgrade product. This article describes software development approach which is allow to use modern tools and methodologies to improve product quality, speed up its delivery and significantly increase stability. As a result it was considered to use GitLab, Jenkins, Git and Kubernetes technologies as basis of infrastructure and DevOps, CI/CD and IaaC as methodologies and how to introduce it in the company.

    Keywords: GitLab, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Git, DevOps, CI, CD, IaaC, infrastructure, methodologies, software, development

  • Ensuring the dependability of the provision of maintenance services for dispersed objects

    We consider the problem of planning reasonable guaranteed fuel reserves of various types to ensure maintenance of a group of dispersed objects by field service authorities. Factors affecting the effectiveness of the solution are considered. It is proposed to apply a "competition" of two decision methods: on the basis of statistical data on the weather for the period under review and on the basis of the game theory method, which considers nature as a malicious opponent. A method for analyzing the results is proposed.

    Keywords: game theory, simplex method, statistical processing of results, objective function

  • Development of a dynamic model of the electric drive of the Earth orientation device scanning mechanism

    The article reveals the results of the work carried out on modeling the dynamic model of the electric drive of the scanning mechanism of the Earth orientation device, which is based on a hybrid stepping motor. The simulation is based on NEMA 17HS3410 motor parameters. A brief description and features of hybrid stepper motors are provided. The simplest model of an electric drive is considered, in which there is a rigidly set moment of force, a moment of inertia of the rotor of an electric motor, and also the moments of dry friction and the moment of liquid friction are taken into account. It is shown how the change in the value of fluid friction affects the general behavior of the mathematical model of a hybrid electric motor. The behavior of a single-pole stepper drive is simulated. The relationship of the value of the moment of force acting on the rotor with the passport characteristics of the investigated electric motor is considered. The possibility of controlling the scanning mechanism based on P- and PI-controllers is estimated.

    Keywords: electrodive, Simulink, moment of force, inetria moment, liquid fricton

  • Integrated usage of a linear regression model and a neural network in the problem of predicting the trend of Bitcoin cryptocurrency quotes

    The paper presents an integrated approach using machine learning methods for choosing a trading strategy on the currency exchange. The presented approach uses the calculation of the linear regression angle coefficient by log return indicators and determination of the BTC/USD currency pair quotes trend in the next period based on the calculated coefficient sign. The feedforward multilayer neural network is used to predict the angle coefficient value in the next ten minute period for the current twenty minute period. The paper proposes a combined approach to the use of machine learning methods for choosing a trading strategy in foreign exchange. The study presents the results of experiments evaluating the practical results of effective and ineffective strategies based on the predicted values ​​of linear regression coefficients.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Wastewater treatment simulation on vertical filters

    The principles of constructing a mathematical model of water purification based on the use of a biologically active layer, the bacteria of which absorb harmful impurities contained in the water, are considered. A system of equations is given, on the basis of which a water treatment model is constructed in the simplest element, which is a rod covered with a biofilm. The system of equations is a system that includes a parabolic equation in a three-dimensional domain and a hyperbolic equation on a part of the surface of the domain, connected to each other through the boundary condition and the potential in an equation of hyperbolic type. Next, an asymptotic analysis of this system is carried out, which makes it possible to reduce the model of an individual element to the solution of a simple ordinary differential equation. On this basis, a model is proposed for the operation of the entire water treatment device containing a large number of such elements.

    Keywords: water treatment, biologically active layer, asymptotic analysis of solutions in a thin area, biofilm, mathematical model of pollution treatment, system of differential equations of mixed type, optimization of biofilter designs, urban wastewater

  • Assessment and prediction of material properties using molecular modeling

    The present paper presents studies of friction and wear characteristics occurring in the frictional contact zone when various frictional substances are forcibly introduced into the active contact zone by the method of molecular dynamics.

    Keywords: friction activation, special material, method, quantum-chemical analysis, molecular dynamics, tribology, friction, computer simulation

  • Laboratory complex for processing of oily waste using microwave technology

    The report examines the method of processing of oily waste in the power of the microwave radiation. The characteristics of the laboratory complex, its structural scheme and design features. The report includes explanatory drawings illustrating the structure and the temperature sensor based on a fiber-optic Bragg grating.

    Keywords: microwave technology; processing; oil sludge; oily waste

  • Development of a competitive transport services market

    This article analyzes the development of competition in the transport services market. The development of a competitive transport services market requires creating conditions for exceeding the level of supply of high-quality transport services over demand, as well as ensuring publicity and information openness of the market in terms of prices and quality of services. This will allow consumers to freely choose transport services, make the "price-quality" mechanism work, and make price and quality the subject of competition. Transport communications unite all territorial entities in the region, which is a necessary condition for the unity of its economic space.

    Keywords: the transport services market, competition, the safety of passengers

  • Overview of text summarization methods

    Text summarization is the process of creating concise summary of a text document which maintains important meaningful information and general meaning of source text. In this paper we overview automatic text summarization task and text preprocessing methods, then we describe the main approaches to automatic text summarization and finally six methods are compared by their performances and execution times. Results of comparison are presented along with example of text summarization. This overview can help those looking to get a basic understanding of the text summarization task and NLP field.

    Keywords: text summarization, machine learning, natural language processing

  • Designing the style of managing organizational conflicts on simulation models

    This article considers the option of using a simulation model in organizational conflict management as an intelligent analyzer of a conflict situation. It is proposed to build its own style of leadership, necessary and sufficient to successfully overcome the organizational conflict. Based on the model forecast, the manager constructs an appropriate solution within the framework of the variability of authoritarian, democratic and liberal styles of government with the help of the auxiliary variables available to him. This allows him not only to get out of the usual style of leadership, but also to choose the necessary and sufficient style in this case, to test style behavior strategies. The manager has the opportunity to use the management style that best suits the internal and external conditions of his activities. Today, managers must meet the emerging problems and the ability to solve them effectively with their stylistic variability.

    Keywords: simulation model, conflict in the organization, management style, behavior strategy, manager

  • Comparative analysis of the emotional perception of friendship between students of Grozny and Rostov-on-Don Part II

    The work is based on experimental results obtained by a survey among students of Grozny and Rostov-on-Don. The affective component of students ' attitudes towards friendship was determined by the technology of semantic differential Ch. Osgood. The distribution functions of the respondents ' emotional attitude to virtual and real friendship, calculated in the framework of a previously developed nonlinear stochastic model, are presented. The results of the comparative analysis show that in the group as a whole, the difference in the perception of real friendship between the respondents of both cities is small. On average, Grozny residents are a little more positive about real friendship. Students of both studied samples perceive virtual friendship in general more negatively than real friendship. But here the difference in relations is more significant. Subgroups with a positive perception in Grozny are about 10% less. On average, Grozny residents are more negative about virtual friendship than Rostov residents. Most likely, this is due to a difference in mentality.

    Keywords: friendship, virtual friendship, affective component of attitudes, semantic differential technology, nonlinear phenomenological model, comparative analysis

  • Technical science. Building and architecture

  • New developments in housing construction abroad Part II

    Development is a necessary component of the processes taking place around us, without which it becomes impossible to improve the quality of our lives. In this article, we will focus on innovations in construction, but only those that are not just an innovation, but rather a necessary component that allows you to bring the process and economy of construction to a higher level, and, simply put, are the engine of development of the industry. So, let's look at a few innovations that, when used in mass production, can significantly simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of building construction.

    Keywords: construction, innovation, 3D printing, modular construction, innovative bricks, concrete, plastic, hybrid structures, wood, hollow elements, plastic, composite sleepers, foundations, cladding, aluminum, ceramics, green construction, eco-floating houses

  • Factors affecting the effectiveness of biological wastewater treatment

    In the modern world with the rapid pace of development of human civilization, the question of negative technogenic impact on the environment in General and on the hydrosphere in particular is increasingly being raised. With the growth of population size and density, the consumption of natural resources increases, and as a result, the load on existing engineering communications increases, and regulatory requirements, including environmental requirements for newly created engineering infrastructure objects, increase. It should be noted that there is a direct relationship between the population and the volume of water consumption, which is constantly growing, which in turn leads to an increase in the amount of wastewater. Taking into account changes in environmental legislation and increasing requirements for the quality of wastewater treatment discharged to water bodies, the issue of finding new calculation methods and creating operational models of sewage treatment plants is urgent.

    Keywords: waste water, biological treatment, secondary settling tank, activated sludge, calculation method

  • Coordination of the power of the heat generator and the burner

    This article presents the results of the analysis of factors influencing the burner device of heat generators, as well as methods for their selection. The results of an experimental study of the dependence of the efficiency of heat generators on the operating power of burners are presented. Recommendations have been developed for choosing a heat generator and a burner.

    Keywords: heat generator, burner device, Gorenje mode, operating power, heat balance

  • The main advantages and features of facade glazing

    The main features of the use of facade glazing are described. The advantages, modern and unique technologies are considered. Examples of buildings where facade glazing is used are given.

    Keywords: facade glazing, architectural solutions, multifunctional glass, i and iM-glass, tempered, laminated, reinforced glass, framed, frameless facades

  • Requirements for the selection of erection cranes for establishment of high buildings

    This article is devoted to analyzing the requirements for the selection of erection cranes for the construction of high-rise buildings. The construction industry plays an important role in the development of the nation. With the development of advanced technology and the increasing use of machinery in the construction of large construction projects, it has become necessary for the civil engineer to be familiar with the design and application of various parameters that are used in modern construction. On a large project, a contractor may have an assortment of different cranes for different purposes. Material handling is an important part of the delivery process for construction projects, and cranes are the most important resources used to achieve this goal, especially on a construction site.

    Keywords: construction and assembly crane, high-rise building, construction, design, construction industry, construction object