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  • Method for increasing the efficiency of lubrication of the friction units of a car's transmission

    The analysis of factors affecting the life of the elements of the transmission of the car. An assessment was made of the influence of vehicle operation modes on the reliability and durability of gearbox parts. Considered modern methods of lubrication of transmission elements av-car. A method is proposed for increasing the efficiency of lubrication of friction units by using an electric field and the formation of dipole structures of a lubricant on friction surfaces. The article was published as part of the implementation of the program of the International Forum “Victory May 1945.

    Keywords: gear box, transmission, lubrication methods, design, operation mode, work, ionization, lubricant

  • Development of a combined device for assessing the quality of motor oils

    The proposed combined device for assessing the quality of motor oils. To increase the informativeness of the output data, the device uses an optical method for analyzing the contamination of motor oils and a method for assessing contamination from changes in the dielectric constant.

    Keywords: lubricant, optoelectronic device, internal combustion engine, engine oil, pollution analysis method, optical control method, dielectric constant

  • Remote diagnostics of the car from the maintenance center equipped with a diagnostic complex

    The technique of improving the quality of remote diagnostics of cars is proposed. This method makes it possible to learn real-time and real-time information about the status of the functional units of the car, thereby assessing its technical condition.

    Keywords: remote diagnostics, car service, car

  • The basic principles of launch rheostats construction on semi-conducting thermistors

    Application of low-power thermal resistors in starters requires availability of intermediate equipment and various components. It significantly reduces the reliability of the equipment. Increase in currents flowing through the pre-regulating devices simplifies electrical schematic of the control and regulation. To use thermal resistors in circuits with high currents it is necessary to use special designs, for the purpose of thermoresistor's material overheating prevention. Algorithms for synthesis of starting rheostats are given. The dependences characterizing different starting models are given.

    Keywords: semiconductor thermal resistance, starting current models, generalized current characteristics

  • On the possibility of using only the extreme members of a sample for the solution of gamma percentage fatigue resource

    The method of calculation gamma percentage fatigue resource of an arrow shovel excavator. Using this method can most accurately determine the distribution of the extreme members of samples and the corresponding shifts of the Weibull distribution. It was found that to calculate the shifts do not have, you can use only the extreme members of samples.

    Keywords: reliability, probability, resource, sample, excavator

  • Starting currents optimal models forming under starters usage built on thermistors

    Electrotechnical devices starting processes short analysis is done including limited power autonomous system. The electrical installation starting processes with thermistor rheostats character depend on considered and formulated number of restrictions. The graphic depending’s are given characterizing different start models. The recommendations are given to form optimal starting processes with rheostats built on semiconductors polycrystalline thermistors.

    Keywords: semiconductor thermoresistance, electrical installation, starting current, starting model, starting rheostat, starting processes dynamics

  • Some aspects of definition of the form of large-size bodies of rotation in the transverse section

    One of the problems of machine building is the definition and measurement of the geometric shape of large-sized parts of machines and mechanisms, which are often the bodies of rotation. Similar parts are used with high intensity in the drum type connections. Therefore, diagnostics of parts is required to determine the possibility of their further use. One of the criteria for this is the shape of the surface of the part and its deviation from the normative values. In the framework of this article, a method for estimating the shape of large-sized bodies of revolution considered which makes it possible to perform measurements with high accuracy for parts of arbitrarily large dimensions

    Keywords: large items, large rings, deviations from roundness, body rotation

  • Analysis of the modes of compression and development of recommendations on their perfection

    The analysis of the modes of compression of different layers of structural layers of travelling clothing is conducted. Worked out to recommendation on perfection of the modes of compression by oscillation skating rinks.

    Keywords: compression, vibration

  • "Possible ways of increasing the traffic capacity of the street and road network "

    Steady growth of the Russian Federation, the car park has led to the fact that almost all major cities of the country settings of the road network does not meet the increased intensity of traffic on basic highways in recent years. A significant increase in traffic volumes require to make informed decisions on the organization and management of road traffic on the basis of reliable information about the parameters of traffic flow. Modern problems of traffic in Volgograd considered in the article. The research results of basic characteristics of traffic flow in the more overloading parts of the road network and of the organization of work of public transport routes Volgograd. Set out possible ways of increasing the throughput of the street and road network and speed traffic flow. A comprehensive approach to solve this problem, including measures to improve traffic light control and traffic management of urban public transport, as well as the use of Intelligent transport systems.

    Keywords: street and road network, traffic flow, traffic capacity, urban passenger transport, coordinated traffic light control, intelligent transport systems

  • Control device for surface transportation of marine robotic system in fog and rain conditions

    The article substantiates the necessity to address the effects of fog and rain when designing mobile robotic platforms and to define the fog numerical indicators and conditions of its occurrence. The common braking system structure and the working principle of brake disk drying through periodic rubbing of brake pads and disks are brought. The electrical diagram of brake control system with microcontroller and the fog and rain sensors and reliability analysis of this device are given. In a proposed control device operation algorithm the conditions of fog occurrence and the sensor parameters are considered. The algorithm is required to create a software system for mobile robotic platform.

    Keywords: mobile robotic platform, fog, braking system, microcontroller, sensors, control system, software system

  • Increasung efficiency of internal combustion engines

    This article is devoted to the problem of increasing efficiency of internal combustion engines, and decreasing the levels of potentially harmful chemicals and particulates in the engine exhaust. Internal combustion engines are widely used in automotive transport. Currently there are more than a billion of internal combustion engines in use. They consume substantial amounts of fuel and adversely affect the environment. This paper focuses on a novel approach to increasing the efficiency of internal combustion engines through the use of a turbine-based mechanism. This setup enables the engine to avoid friction losses caused by the currently used crank-and-connecting-rod setup. The turbine-based mechanism will be less prone to detonation of the fuel mixture, and will increase the compression ratio. It will also allow to add 3-8% of hydrogen to the fuel mixture, thus increasing the operating temperature and decreasing the concentration of potentially harmful chemicals and particulates in the engine exhaust. Besides increased efficiency, the proposed engine design will enable liquid-based cooling of the turbine blades. Traditional materials can be employed in its construction.

    Keywords: automobile transport, internal combustion engine, increasung efficiency, decreasing the levels of potentially harmful chemicals

  • Physicomechanical processes of loading at a driving tunnels depending on characteristics of material

    In article the factors defining efficiency of roadheader technology application of transport tunnels construction are considered. As one of the factors containing growth of carrying out speed of tunnels is the loading part of the combine, in article the analysis of the factors influencing efficiency is made. Stochastic process of interaction with the destroyed mountain weight is considered. The analysis of the developed approaches to determination of executive body loadings productivity with loading paws with a destroyed mountain weightstack is made. Influence of a form of the immersed material particles and geometrical ratios of loading body and average fineness of material particles is analysed. It is revealed that extent of influence of a particles form doesn't exceed the statistical errors arising at research of loading process of lump mountain weight, and geometrical ratios have significant effect on loadings and productivity. When determining loadings it is offered to apply model taking into account linear proportions coefficient, and it is necessary to apply the model considering influence of active volume on formation of system output characteristics to calculation of loading part productivity. Taking into account influence of the described factors, the calculated value of productivity and loadings increases in comparison with the generalized models that confirms expediency of use of the described dependences.

    Keywords: Driving of tunnels, factors of productivity formation, driving combines of selective action, form coefficient, coefficient of linear proportions, active volume

  • Synthesis manipulator mechanism movement path in a space of generalized coordinates based on the use of areas defining allowed configuration

    A method for the synthesis of the trajectory of the manipulator motion mechanism, based on the use of the field, set permissions configuration in the space of generalized coordinates. Investigated compliance with the provisions of points in space, and the output level of the configuration space.

    Keywords: synthesis robot, configuration space, restricted areas, intelligent robot control system

  • Computer modelling of idle mode of electromechanical phase splitter on the basis of a three-phase induction motor

    This article presents the results of computer simulation of electromechanical phase splitter working at idle mode based on a three-phase induction motor type HVA-55 with squirrel cage type rotor. Simulation made on the basis of previous studies of the auxiliary electric drives onboard of AC electric locomotives. These studies include: the development of a mathematical model of the three-phase induction electric machine that is suitable for describing the dynamics of electromagnetic, electromechanical and thermal processes under unbalance the power supply voltage, and also at not equal parameters at the each phase of machine; the development of computer models of various schemes of auxiliary electric drives of AC locomotives, having in its composition induction motor mathematical model. It has been demonstrated that the selected mathematical model of the induction machine can adequately describe the phase splitting process: the conversion of single-phase AC catenary voltage to three-phase voltage for auxiliary loads feeding.

    Keywords: induction motor, mathematical model, electromechanical phase splitter, idle mode, AC electri locomotive, electric auxiliary drive, working capacity, start-up capacity, rotor, stator winding phase

  • Determination of the maximum values of the parameters defining the service angle and many android robot configurations implementation of snapshots

    The paper defines the maximum values of the parameters defining the projection angle android robot service implementation instantaneous states of the executive arms of the mechanism and the body, which is provided at a given output level accuracy positioning center.

    Keywords: instant status manipulator mechanisms, virtual simulation of movements, service angle, humanoid robots

  • Effect of the ridge and its location on the radiator surface temperature of the heat source

    The paper analyzed the influence of the shape and projection of its location on the surface of the heat sink on the heat source temperature. Based on the theoretical analysis, it was shown that the pins, ribs, hinges, and other projections are present on the surface of the heat sink, it does not increase the cooling surface and heat-loaded lower temperature source. These designs provide only near the side surfaces of the rapidly decreasing dipole, quadrupole, and other components of the field, which are not conducive to heat dissipation from the source, and create a circulating flow.

    Keywords: radiator protrusion shape, thermal conductivity, thermal apparatus mode, the temperature of the heat source

  • Results of Production Rresearches of Reliability of Tunnelling Combines of Selective Action

    Details are given as for the results of production researches of reliability of Tunnelling Combines KP21, produced by JSC Kopeisk Engineering Plant, in conditions of Almaznaya Mine of Coal Company "Gukovugol" when driving preparatory developments with section up to 16 sq.m and strength of country rock up to 7 units according to Protodyakonov Rock Strength Scale. The obtained data allowed to define average operating time before breakage, as well as to make the list of details and knots having the greatest effect on reliability of the combine. The results processed allowed to calculate numerical characteristics of empirical distribution, which are similar to numerical characteristics of a random variable: ensemble average, dispersion, average quadratic deviation, variation coefficient, etc.

    Keywords: tunnelling combine of selective action, reliability, operating time before breakage

  • Analysis of Efficiency of Application of Mine Loaders

    Technique of modeling operation of a loader on the basis of method of statistical tests is given in the article and the way of defining current specific expenses connected with operation of loader of a certain design and statement of tasks on their improvement is considered. Modeling the process of loader operation pursues the aim to define specific expenses of consumer on operating the car taking into account casual stream of refusals and restoration of operating state of separate knots and parts of the car at any moment of effective life, with possibility of making decision on efficiency of application of a certain machine design, as well as possibility of forecasting expected indicators of reliability and optimum terms of operation. Basic data and results of comparative analysis of expenses of consumer on operation of serial car 2PNB2 and new sample of MPNK car are given.

    Keywords: modeling, method of statistical tests, specific expenses, mine loaders

  • The algorithm for calculation of the minimum time of one cycle of the stepper motor

    In this article is reviewed the mathematical model of the stepper motor. Analysis of mathematical models showed the presence of oscillation the impulse response, thereby requiring backup duration of the control pulse. The work provides an example the realization of algorithm for calculating a minimum time for one cycle of operation of stepper motor. The results of these studies can be used in the stepper motor control system to increase speed and reduce power consumption associated with the stepper motor control.

    Keywords: stepper motor, mathematical model, the transfer function, damping coefficient, differential equation, the recurrence solution iterative solution

  • Theoretical justification of increase of productivity of galvanic sedimentation of coverings on the restored surfaces of details of cars

    Increase of productivity of processes of sedimentation of coverings on the restored surfaces of details of cars without decline in quality of the received deposit is a main objective on the way of improvement of galvanic processes. Productivity of galvanic sedimentation depends on the size of potential of the cathode and the anode; from concentration of components of electrolyte about a surface of sedimentation (cathode); from uniformity of delivery and dispersal of ions of metal on a sedimentation surface; from quantity of active sites of the cathode; from nature of passivation of the cathode; from temperature of electrolyte and from the speed of the movement of electrolyte in prikatodny space. Very strongly passivating of a cathodic surface limits the possible growth of productivity of galvanic sedimentation. Passivating consists in education on a surface of the cathode of the continuous passive film consisting of hydrogen, products of reaction of metal with electrolyte components, oxygen of air and foreign inclusions. The passive film is almost insoluble and disturbs electrocrystallization process, shielding a cathodic surface. And cathode covering speed a passive film directly depends on density of cathodic current. It is possible to assume that at achievement of some value of density of cathodic current the speed of formation of a passive film will exceed, the speed of delivery of ions of metal to a cathodic surface and origin of crystals of the besieged metal will become impossible. And on the remained active sites of the cathode where the passive film is absent or has the smallest thickness and growth rate, there will be centers of growth of crystals of metal (dendrites) on which there will be a concentration of the main processes of electrocrystallization. That is the cathodic surface of the restored detail will become covered by the local centers of sedimentation of metal – dendrites. The passive film interferes with growth of limit density of cathodic current at which receiving qualitative electroplated coating is possible. Mechanical elimination of a passive film during sedimentation of a covering considerably facilitates process of electrocrystallization and formation of a layer of metal on the processed detail surface, provides increase of uniformity of the received layer of metal and its microhardness, and also will prevent active formation of local sites of growth of dendrites at the high density of current.

    Keywords: passive film, adsorption, sedimentation productivity, electrocrystallization, mechanical activation, crystal lattice

  • Analysis of the frequency characteristics of the vibrations of a gearless lift’s direct suspension

    The analysis of the vibration system depending on the point of generation of the perturbation by frequency characteristics of a gearless lift’s direct suspension is made. It is shown that the behavior of the vibration system essentially depends on the place of perturbation: the cabin of a lift or the rope driving pulley. Depending on the point of generation of the perturbation the system of a direct gearless lift can have a “resonant” or an “inductive” character.

    Keywords: drive, freight, lift, perturbation, rope driving pulley, system, winch

  • The device for restoration of internal cylindrical surfaces of details of mobile equipment galvanomekhanichesky sedimentation of coverings

    Carry to the main advantages of galvanic ways of restoration: possibility of formation of a layer from several micrometers thick to 1-2 mm. metal or a combination of metals with the set properties, restoration "in the size", that is without the subsequent machining, simultaneous restoration of several surfaces and use of a small amount of electrolyte. A number of the devices allowing to provide the demanded conditions is developed for implementation of galvanomekhanichesky sedimentation of coverings. As the activating elements in these devices generally apply abrasive materials which working surface, in the course of work, "is salted", that is it is hammered with cutting products. It considerably reduces efficiency of activation of the cathode and uniformity of the received deposit in view of introduction in the formed layer the activating elements of products of activation. The offered device developed by Zakharov Yu.A. and Spitsyn I.A. it is deprived of such shortcoming in view of application of the activating elements in the form of leaders and the conducted abrasive rollers connected by a belt drive. For elimination of this lack of the existing devices by Zakharov Yu.A. and Spitsyn I.A. (patent No. 2503753) the device was developed for galvanomekhanichesky sedimentation of coverings on internal cylindrical surfaces of details. Difference of the offered device is that at sedimentation of an electrodeposit, the conducting and conducted rollers, being rolled on the activated cathode surface, rotate with various district speed because of their various diameter. As pulleys of leaders and the conducted rollers are connected by a belt drive, to the transfer relation no more than 0,8-0,9, on shaft of rollers there is various district force forcing the conducted rollers to slip rather cathodic surface. It provides better removal of the passivating film and continuous change of the surface of the activating roller contacting to the activated cathodic surface. Thus, the free surface of the activating roller is washed by a channel of electrolyte, being cleared of activation products that interferes with formation of so-called "zasalivaniye" of a wor1king surface of the activating elements (rollers).

    Keywords: case detail, restoration, repair, defect, resource way of restoration, car repair production

  • The analysis of standard defects of the failed details of motionless interfaces of vehicles

    The technique of carrying out certification of the failed details of motionless interfaces is presented in article on the example of research of case details (transmissions, transfer cases, bridges) the car on technical condition of seats under bearings. It is shown that the majority of cases of transmissions, transfer cases, bridges come to repair with plus deviations of diameter of landing openings.

    Keywords: defect, car, interface, certification, maximum deviation, seat, bearing, technical condition

  • Method of laser diagnostic of dynamic forms of hydraulic generator rotor

    Method of laser diagnostics of dynamic forms of hydraulic generator rotor is proposed. Measurement of shaft runout to determine the trajectory of the axis of rotation of the shaft. This method allows to measure the surface geometry of the fast moving rotor the hydraulic unit in real time with high precision without interfering with the structure of the generator.

    Keywords: laser diagnostics, beating shaft, hydro, triangular sensor trajectory axis of rotation, the geometry of the surface of the rotor

  • The computational model resiliently deformable radial bearing of finite length, running on a stratified lubricant

    The paper presents a method for forming exact self-similar solution of the problem of calculating the compliant hydrodynamic journal bearing of finite length, running on layered lubricant in the axial lubrication. On the basis of the equations of motion of a viscous incompressible fluid, continuity equation and Lame equations for the case of a "thin layer" found the velocity and pressure, analytical expressions for the components of the supporting forces, the forces of friction and resistance forces axial movement of the lubricant. The analytical expressions for the value of the lubricant in the axial direction. The estimation of the parameters characterizing the ratio of the viscous layer adapted profile and the deformation of the elastic layer on the basic performance of the bearing. Established the most rational of the bearing capacity, the force of friction and lubricant consumption values ​​of these parameters.

    Keywords: radial bearing, load bearing capacity, stratified flow