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  • The algorythm of building of dissymmetric bigram cryptosystem,based on diophantine difficulty

    The objective need to improve information security systems in the conditions of information-telecommunication technologies developing is shown. A new area of NP-complete promplems of diophantine analisys is firstly researched, namely Tarry–Escott multigrade diophantine equation systems (MDES) of given dimension and degree. The theorems, that describe parametrical MDES parametric solution properties, required for the development of the algorythm of building of dissymmetric bigram cryptosystem, are given in the article. The author's theorem, which allows to develop information protection system (IPS) mathematical model as a cortege, containing diophantine probleme. A new approach to develop dissymmetric bigram cryptosystem(DBC) on the base of two-parametrical MDES solution, which generalize open key cryptosystem, is considered. Forward and reverse conversions based on parametrical solution are suggested tyo realize on such algorythm. A new concept of equivalence of ordered sets of numbers (parameters) of a given dimension and order is introduced to build DBC mathematical model, using two-parametrical MDES solution. Described mathematical model demonstrates application potential of diophantine equations for IPS with a high degree of reliability.

    Keywords: NP-complete probleme, information protection system, symmetric (dissymmetric) cryptosystem, open key cryptosystem, forward and reverse information conversions, Tarry–Escott multigrade diophantine equation system, parametrical solution

  • Strategic planning in a construction organization

    The essence of strategic planning is revealed. The importance of strategic planning in construction is proved. The stages of strategic planning are briefly described. The strategic planning procedure is described. The stages of implementing the strategic plan are outlined.

    Keywords: strategic planning, organization, construction, resources, financing, development, modeling, expert, implementation, information

  • Prediction of volumes of the Customs payments with the use of dummy variables

    The articlegives an econometric analysis of the volume of the Customs payments for imports of the group 25 “Salt; sulfur; soils and stone; plaster materials, lime and cement” of the Customs Nomenclatureof the foreign trade activities of EAEU, the Customs declaration of which is carried out in the region of the Rostov Customs office operation. For the purpose of forecasting, a multiplicative model of the series is constructed based on monthly data from 01.01.2017 to 31.10.2019. The apparatus of fictitious variables is used to obtain the trend equation. A forecast is made on the basis of the received model.

    Keywords: import, Customs payments, econometric model, trend, seasonal component, fictitious variables, multiplicative model, forecast

  • Opportunities and prospects of applying concession mechanisms in the field of transport infrastructure

    The article considers the historical experience of implementing infrastructure projects in the framework of concession agreements, in contrast to the classical form of interaction with participating states. Certain advantages and prospects of applying formal interaction between the state and the private sector.

    Keywords: concession, infrastructure facilities, public-private partnerships, roads

  • Regional institutes of scientific and technological development of subjects of the NCFD, contributing to the rapid development

    The article considers the accelerated development of the region, which is based on increasing innovative activity, creating new opportunities for economic growth, acquiring long-term competitive advantages in high-tech production with the help of the successfully functioning system of development institutions that ensure long-term economic growth and economic development of the region.

    Keywords: institutions, development institutions, priority development, regional economy, socio-economic development, technological development, innovation, knowledge economy

  • Judicial value examination as a tool for resolving a dispute about the value of the original value of the pledged property

    To date, the socio-economic situation in the country creates for the population quite significant obstacles in the implementation of tasks for the purchase of housing and other real estate through mortgage lending. However, when it comes to collecting the amounts owed on the loan, banks are faced with an analysis of the prospects for the sale of mortgaged property, as a result of which, in most cases, come to the conclusion that the original sale price of the mortgaged property with the realities of the market. In the article, the authors consider the judicial practice of determining the initial price of the mortgaged property and analyze the situation in which there is a need for judicial value examination, as well as give the main aspects of the methodology of this type of expertise. The purpose of the article is to form a clear idea of the reader about the process of resolving the dispute arising from the breach of obligations under the loan agreement.

    Keywords: expert, forensic examination, subject of pledge, cost examination, assessment report, methodology

  • Possible ways of improvement of forensic examination researches of reconstructed construction objects

    At present, there has been an increase in demand in the framework of judicial construction and technical examinations to the question of the practical application of basic forensic techniques in conjunction with new methodological tools. The practice of conducting judicial construction and technical expertise by 2017 has increased in comparison with 2010, which in turn causes problems in pre-trial and judicial proceedings. The trend in the specifics of the use of mixed or non-traditional forms of techniques is designed to solve problems in complex in structure and content of research aimed at establishing the types, volumes and cost of construction work performed, as well as materials and products used in the reconstruction of buildings. The solution of the problem is seen in the constant updating of both the legislative definition and the existing methods in the practice of application by experts and courts.

    Keywords: construction, judicial construction and technical expertise, expert, methods, reconstruction of construction objects, research

  • Optimization of the mechanism of formation of the technical plan of the linear object

    The features of the mechanism for preparing the technical plans of linear objects, including those located in several cadastral districts, are considered. The main problems arising in the process of preparing technical plans for linear objects and the factors affecting them are formulated. The problem of the lack of a sufficient regulatory framework in the field of regulating relations arising from the state cadastral registration of linear real estate objects is indicated. It justifies the need to refine the requirements for the technical plan of the property, namely, the linear object, as well as the form of the technical plan itself. Suggestions were made to optimize the mechanism for preparing technical plans for linear objects.

    Keywords: technical plan, linear object, cadastral registration, cadastral engineer, construction

  • Development of a highly efficient design of a sulfuric acid alkylation jet reactor

    The article discusses the process of sulfuric acid alkylation used to produce high-octane gasoline, as well as the design of jet reactors, their advantages and disadvantages. Based on the existing drawbacks of jet reactors, the development of a new high-efficiency jet reactor design has been proposed.

    Keywords: reactor, sulfuric acid alkylation, isosurface, isocontours, gasoline, fractions, jet type, industry, oil refining

  • Development of an integral indicator of tourism potential assessment from the point of application of the cluster approach to tourism development

    The article presents the developed cognitive model of tourism potential assessment, which allows to determine the prospects of development within the specific territory of the tourism and recreation cluster. The article describes the approach to the development of an integral indicator of tourism potential assessment, which should allow to determine the prospects of development within a specific territory of the tourism and recreational cluster. As part of the construction of an integral indicator, an algorithm for developing a system of indicators for assessing the tourist potential of the territory, based on the cognitive structuring of knowledge about the object, was proposed. In order to determine the functionally significant links between the system "Tourist potential of the territory" and the external environment, the study analyzed the connectivity of the structure, based on the study of simplicial complexes. As a result, a ranked list of factors of the "Tourist potential of the territory" system was obtained and the weight for each of them was determined, which allowed to form an integral indicator of the tourism potential assessment

    Keywords: tourism and recreation cluster, cluster approach, tourism potential, cognitive research methodology, tourism potential assessment

  • On the state and problems of development of small and medium Entrepreneurship in the regions of the Southern federal district

    The article provides a system analysis of the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the regions of the southern Federal district in recent years on the main indicators; describes the key problems of their development, provides suggestions for their solution, taking into account foreign experience

    Keywords: system analysis, small and medium business, regions, southern Federal district, development problems, state support, property support

  • About assessment of soundness of investments at a stage of introduction of results of research engineering

    Some approaches to assessment of soundness of investments necessary for implementation of results of research engineering are described. It is proposed to use the method of variation of parameters with the establishment of some restrictions. The results of the application of the proposed methodology are given on the example of evaluating the soundness of investments in the technology of unburnt synthanite from natural raw materials in the apparatus with vortex layer and the production of wall stones based on it. It is rational to use the proposed methodology in the formation of an investment plan, the development of business plans, and the implementation of graduate qualification work. Article is published within implementation of the program of the International Forum «Victorious May, 1945».

    Keywords: construction materials producing industry, unburnt synthanite, apparatus with vortex layer, innovation, commercial soundness of investments, investment prospects, method of variation of parameters, uncertainty

  • Organization of construction in cramped conditions of a residential building

    The article considers the conditions for the development of the most rational methods of construction in the cramped conditions of the modern city, in which there is an impossibility of using tower cranes, because of the presence in their working area of already erected buildings or structures, other tower cranes, crossings, roadways and sidewalks. Construction work in cramped conditions cause an increased degree of material, construction, environmental risk and the need to strengthen the safety of people as producing the construction of the object, and the living population nearby.

    Keywords: construction, works, factors, safety, territory, risk

  • Feasibility study of the technology on utilization of organic and inorganic carbon-containing waste by the method of pyrolysis

    This article discusses the use of waste disposal technologies, their technological and environmental-economic assessment. The relevance of this work is determined by the current trend on finding affordable and effective technologies for waste disposal, taking into account their energy potential. A comparative analysis of existing technologies for waste treatment and a feasibility study on the utilization of organic and inorganic carbon-containing waste by the pyrolysis method have been carried out. The authors analyzed the Russian and foreign experience of using waste technologies as alternative energy sources. The energy component of production and consumption wastes is considered. The scheme of the production complex using the pyrolysis technology, focused not only on the processing of waste, but also obtaining the sought-after useful competitive product.

    Keywords: ecology, pyrolysis technology, waste recycling, municipal solid waste, MSW, biofuel

  • Analysis and justification of the choice of method of processing waste production and consumption

    This paper discusses the current problems of waste management: sorting and their further processing. The average morphological composition of waste in Russia and in the world is presented. Possible methods of recycling waste components on different morphological composition are considered. A comparative analysis of the existing promising technologies for processing waste used in the Russian Federation, including municipal solid waste by burning, pyrolysis and plasma gasification, from the point of view on economic and environmental efficiency of the process. The technical and economic features of the low- and high-temperature pyrolysis process are given. As economic indicators used are specific capital investments, the cost of utilization, energy consumption and production recoupment. The assessment of environmental efficiency is determined by indicators such as the degree and duration of waste disposal, the generation of waste in the recycling process, and the pollution in the soil, groundwater, and the atmosphere.

    Keywords: ecology, pyrolysis, waste treatment, municipal solid waste, solid waste, recycling, waste management

  • Forecasting the number of employees in the Russian economy, taking into account the impact of the pension reform 2018

    The article is devoted to the study of changes in the number of employed in the economy of the Russian Federation, which should occur as a result of the pension reform in 2018. As the dominant deterministic factor of forecasting the average variant of demographic forecast of the population of the Russian Federation till 2030 is used. The factors of influence are the levels of employment in the context of annual age and gender categories. The growth of the average age of the employed population in Russia and the oscillating "sawtooth" behavior of the labor outflow coefficient during the transition period of the reform from 2019 to 2028 are shown. At the time of the reform, the annual need of the economy for personnel will significantly decrease, which will cause difficulties in finding work for the bulk of job seekers – graduates of the vocational education system, who enter the labor market every year.

    Keywords: number of employees, economy, retirement age, pension reform, labor market, demography, natural-age retirement, forecasting

  • Modeling of the initial area of emulsion formation

    The article deals with the principle of emulsion formation in mechanical absorbers, where the working body is presented in the form of a rotating cylinder. The analysis of interaction of liquids in the process of emulsion formation is made. The mutual influence of liquid layers is considered. The estimation of internal and external parameters characterizing the process of emulsion formation is obtained. The study given in the article will help in the preparation of engineering methods for calculating the operating and design parameters of devices.

    Keywords: absorber, emulsion layer, viscosity, density, emulsion, surface contact area, energy dissipation, immiscible liquids, rotating cylinder, liquid

  • Appointment of judicial construction and technical expertise: problems of practice application

    Appointment of forensic construction and technical expertise in the practice of an expert is a prerequisite for collecting evidence and materials related to the construction site and the territories functionally associated with them, which for the practical application of the courts are an important factor when deciding in favor of a particular party to the proceedings (dispute). The problems arising in the process of the case under study are objective and legal in nature.

    Keywords: judicial construction and technical expertise, expert, court, criminal justice, civil justice, problems of practice, procedural action, expert opinion, court decision

  • The forecasting of operational expenses on railway transport enterprises

    The basic methods of economic indexes forecasting on railway transport enterprises have been defined in the article. Three stages of forecasting were determined and described in details. The dominant elements of expenses, such as job salary, traction costs, insurance, repair capital and others were taken into account during research.

    Keywords: railway enterprises, operational expenses, economic indexes, forecasting, quantitative assessment

  • Methodological bases of economic mechanism of construction complex enterprises functioning in the issues of cost management: basic terminology and conceptual tools

    The question of cost management of the construction organization within the economic mechanism of functioning of the enterprises of a construction complex is considered, the accepted approaches to terminology and this question, and also bases of conceptual device are given. The paper presents various classifications of costs, the questions of conceptual nature within the terminology of "cost Management" as the impact of the subject of management on the object of management and within the framework of the formation of the management structure. The main tasks, principles, approaches and elements of cost management in the construction organization are defined.

    Keywords: cost management, cost management, costs, construction, construction organization, construction products

  • Russia is in the context of global economic trends

    Modern Russia is facing global challenges associated with the emergence and widespread use of new technologies, the transformation of traditional industries, the intensification of information flow, human resources and capital between individual sectors of the economy and countries. All this entails radical changes in the conditions of human life, development of the economy and society. Coupled with a variety of diverse objective circumstances - a complex geopolitical situation, a slowdown in economic growth, the transformation of consumer demand, structural imbalances in the economy, etc. - all this requires comprehension and formation of a long-term agenda in the sphere of science and technology, the corresponding complexity and complexity of the processes taking place.

    Keywords: economy; socio-economic system; transformation; technologies; management; labor market; a new technological structure; robotics; innovation; human capital

  • Methodological bases of economic mechanism of construction complex enterprises functioning in the issues of cost management:modern application of classical techniques

    The question of cost management of the construction organization within the economic mechanism of functioning of the enterprises of a construction complex is considered, classical techniques and the options of their use accepted in construction are given. Examines "the system of regulatory cost accounting", regulatory documents on the formation of the cost of construction products.

    Keywords: cost management, cost management, costs, construction, construction organization, construction products

  • On the implementation of presidential Decree No. 204 of 7 may 2018 On national goals and strategic objectives for the development of the Russian Federation until 2024 in the southern Federal district

    The article is devoted to the conceptual issues of implementation of the main priorities of the decree Of the President of Russia dated may 7, 2018 № 204" on national goals and strategic objectives of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024 " in the southern Federal district. This article presents the conceptual form of information and legal field, analysis, guidelines for the creation of interregional projects in each of the above areas, taking into account the specifics of socio-economic development of the regions of the South of Russia.

    Keywords: The decree of the President of Russia from may 7, 2018 No. 204, South Federal district, the priority areas of socio-economic development, demographic development, health, education, urban environment, ecology, roads, employment, science

  • On the issue of optimization of marketing costs in the cost of a construction project

    The article is devoted to the issues of marketing costs evaluation in the construction project cost's management. The methods of determining the marketing cost in the construction sector within the specifics of the industry are issued.

    Keywords: marketing costs, project cost management, methods of marketing costs estimation

  • Optical measuring complex for research of properties and diagnostics of a condition of constructional materials

    The paper proposes a description of the developed optical measuring set-up for the contactless recording and processing of measurement results for small spatial (linear and angular) displacements of control surfaces based on the use of laser technologies and optical interference methods. The proposed set-up is designed to solve all the arising measurement tasks in the study of the physical and mechanical properties of new materials and in the process of diagnosing the state of structural materials by acoustic active methods of nondestructive testing. The structure of the set-up, its constituent parts are described, and the features of construction and functioning during measurements are discussed. New technical solutions for the implementation of the components of the set-up under consideration are obtained. The proposed set-up is intended for use in instrumentation, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, aviation, energy sector, etc.

    Keywords: optical measuring complex, non-contact measurements, measurements of small spatial displacements, structural materials, diagnostics of the state